Friday, April 11, 2014

Highlight: 2014 Annual Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Every year, Jehovah’s Witnesses hold district conventions all over the United States to gather and study the teachings of the Bible as one. We thought it would be a great idea to highlight the conventions for this year in celebration of the upcoming Jehovah Witness International Conventions 2014, which are only held every few years. The love and dedication is palpable at these events where attendance can run as high as hundreds of thousands of convention participants. As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we consider one another family under God, and we consider these gatherings as family get-togethers or reunions. Keep reading, and get excited!
Like we have mentioned before, district conventions are held every year and last for three days in cities and states all over the entire U.S. Check the Jehovah’s Witnesses convention dates Search to find one near you. International Conventions, however, only come around every few years, and we’re excited about the amazing locations chosen for 2014:

  • Athens, Greece – June 2014
  • Frankfurt, Germany – July 2014
  • London, England - August 2014
  • Harare, Zimbabwe - August 2014
  • Seoul, Korea - September 2014
  • Melbourne, Australia - October 2014
  • Mexico City, Mexico - November 2014
  • Quito, Ecuador - January 2015

All of these conventions are free of charge, and everyone is welcome to attend. Jehovah’s Witnesses are indeed a close-knit family, but we encourage everyone – even non-members - to learn and enjoy the word of God. If nothing else, it’s an amazing opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances – especially if you plan on attending an International Convention. Hundreds of thousands of people come together, and there’s no way you can leave without meeting people from different countries of various nationalities. It is an intoxicating experience to be around so many people who share the same beliefs as you; you can only see it to believe it.
Organizers plan and coordinate these large-scale events with national governments, businesses, and institutions to create and facilitate a smooth operation. This is an example of how the power of the Bible can bring people together. Imagine the amount of attention and manpower it takes to hold an event of this size and caliber. From the dates and locations to the itinerary, everything is planned to the tee for the most optimal experience for worshipping under one roof.
This year’s Jehovah’s Witnesses convention schedule reveals the overall theme for 2014: “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!” Each day has its own theme as well:

  • Friday: “To You it is Granted to Understand the Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom” – Matthew 13:11
  • Saturday: “Counted Worthy of the Kingdom of God” – 2 Thessalonians 1:5
  • Sunday: “Come… Inherit the Kingdom” – Matthew 25:34

The overall theme is developed and supported by these daily topics by many different speakers. You may very well recognize some international delegates and missionaries from all around the world at some of these conventions.
There is a set schedule for each day in the course of three days (Friday-Sunday). Each day usually begins and ends with song and prayer. In between, attendees receive lessons and read verses together; one of the most anticipated discussions this year is titled, “Earth’s New Ruler – Who Really Qualifies?” These discourses can be presented in the form of lectures, testimonies or even theatrical reenactments – where stories from the Bible are brought to life.
A special event many Jehovah’s Witnesses look forward to at these conventions is the Baptism of new witnesses. After many months of studying and learning the word of God, individuals are provided with the option of becoming baptized – and some choose to do this at conventions in front of thousands of people. Sharing this emotional and significant time of life with people from all over the world is sure to be one of the highlights of the weekend.
We cannot wait to hear about all the amazing stories and experiences to come from this year’s conventions! If you are planning to attend a regional convention, our specialized Note Taker can aid you in thoroughly following and keeping up with each of the lessons.

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