Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Treat Mom (in accord with God's Word)

It’s a known rule in life that you should always respect your parents and that you should be aware that a parent’s love knows no bounds. Why? Because they have given you the gift of life, and without them, your existence in this world would be… nonexistent. But in the context of the Bible, the way you treat your parents directly represents the way you view and treat the your heavenly Father. For this blog post, we’d like to take a few verses from the Bible and highlight the ways in which we are expected to treat our parents in a Godly manner, with an added focus on our beloved mothers. Show her how strong and cherished she is every single day of the year, not just on special occasions.

Ephesians 6:1-3
Children, be obedient to your parents in union with the Lord, for this is righteous. "Honor your father and your mother" is the first command with a promise: "That it may go well with you and you may remain a long time on the earth."

Honoring your father and mother is the first precept of The Ten Commandments that comes with a vow from God. Obey and honor your earthly parents, and you will experience the blessing and reward of long life. The actions you make in the physical world simultaneously reflect the state of your spiritual being, so the way you respect and honor your parents in a worldly manner translates to the spiritual and moral nature in which you honor your creator, Jehovah. Remember that obeying may be an act of obligation, and honoring is an act of admiration and respect; both are important in your dynamic with your parents.

Proverbs 6:20, 21
Observe, my son, the commandment of your father, and do not forsake the instruction of your mother. Always bind them around your heart; tie them about your neck.

It seems that part of growing up is to rebel against and defy our parents. At times, we feel as if we have gained enough knowledge to fend for ourselves, but our parents have lived longer and gained wisdom we are only to learn by the time we have replaced them as mothers, fathers and grandparents. Especially if your parents are servants of Jehovah, always keep their words at heart and instill those values inside of you, so you may always be found even when you are lost.

Proverbs 31: 10, 25-30
Who can find a capable wife? Her value is far more than that of corals... She is clothes with strength and splendor, and she looks to the future with confidence. She opens her mouth in wisdom; the law of kindness is on her tongue. She watches over the activity of her household, and the bread of laziness she does not eat. Her children rise up and declare her happy; her husband rises up and praises her. There are many capable women, but you – you surpass them all. Charm may be false, and beauty may be fleeting, but the woman who fears Jehovah will be praised.

Can you imagine the response your mother will have if you were to read this beautiful verse to her? Rise up, and give her the praise she deserves. There is no comparison to a woman who lives by the word of God; show the women in your life how strong and cherished they are every single day of the year, not just on special occasions.
What do you think it means to “honor your father and mother?” Let us know how you put this into practice in your daily life in the comments below!


  1. I like to give my mom a weekend off! I tell her that this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, she's not allowed to lift a finger! I make her "Queen for the weekend"! I start off with breakfast in bed on Saturday. Clean the house ( vacuum & dust ), do the washing, do all the cooking you can handle. I do some different things on Sunday! Treat her like "royalty"! This will show her that she's appreciated. ( She already knows this, but trying to keep a house cleaned and organized is a full time job! )

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  3. None of us would be here without our mom. She gave up a lot to care for us so deserves our love and respect.

  4. My mom and I have had our problems....but I love her. She has been through alot, yet she has been serving Jehovah for over 30 years now. She raised my sisters and I (my dad is not a Witness) in the truth, although it was hard. She is still a source of encouragement, because I recently became a single mom. Its going to be hard but I can draw on her faith and wisdom, thanks to Jehovah.

  5. To honor your mother or father means to respect them and to take care of their personal needs well into their senior years EVEN if they were cruel and abusive to you as a child. You don't have to take them into your home but you can make sure they are in a safe environment, which may mean putting them in an assisted living situation. This is what I offered to do with my father. My mother died in 2004.