Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to Get the Most Out of Bible Reading

The Bible is a gift to the world and an inspiration for daily living. If you are reading a scripture from the Bible for the first time, it may not always have great meaning. There are amazing transitions that take place as you commit to a regular reading schedule, stay focused on the reading while you engage, and recall these scriptures over and over again. By following this simple process, you can receive God’s word in ways you never thought possible. It only takes a short time out of each day or week to make the difference of a lifetime. 

Commit to a Reading Schedule
By establishing a regular Bible reading schedule, you make a commitment to yourself and to Jehovah God about the guidance and understanding you hope to gain. Find a quiet, peaceful place that you can return to each day or a few times a week. Begin with a short prayer asking God to lead you in discerning meaning in the scripture you are about to read. Keep a journal for notes or questions you think of during this special time.

Focus on the Reading
Establish a plan in advance for how you want to read the Bible, whether it be book by book, by relevant topics that pertain to your current situations, or based on a lesson plan or assignment. Familiarize yourself with the context of the scripture beforehand – who wrote it, what is the purpose, when was it written, and whom it was written for. You want your dedicated reading time to be focused on the words, and not what to read. Read the scripture once through, think about what you have read and what it means, and then re-read the passage to gain further insight. Take notes on what you feel the scripture means. You may want to read the scripture three times to gain the best understanding possible and let it resonate.

Recall Scriptures for Daily Living
You will be amazed at how scriptures stay in your mind and become relevant to everyday living. You may think of a Biblical figure who experienced something similar to what you are experiencing, or you may find yourself sharing a story with a friend or loved one who needs comfort. The Bible is a secret ingredient for managing life’s tribulations, and significant scriptures will recur in your mind when you least expect them to. Make every effort to recall scriptures and associate them with your present day living, or guide someone you know to find peace in a relevant scripture. 

Let scripture reading be a part of your everyday living. Create a regular schedule, engage in thoughtful reading and study, and make an effort to recall scriptures every day. You will discern the voice of Jehovah in prominent ways through the Bible. He works in your heart and mind for good, and you will begin to understand the words of the Bible more each day as it becomes your guide. Look for inspirational Bible covers, journals, and supplies to guide you in your journey. We even have Bible Reading Schedules to help you get started!

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  1. My favorite scripture (right now) is Psalms 68:19 - "May Jehovah be praised, who DAILY carries our load, the true God of salvation". It reminds me that not a single day goes by when Jehovah isn't there for me.