Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Keeping Kids Focused on the Kingdom Once School Begins

With school starting and fall in the air, parents and kids alike are getting excited about the possibilities. New friends, sports activities, and exciting school subjects are on kids’ minds, and that requires a little more effort from parents to keep their children seeking first God's Kingdom at the same time (Matthew 6:33). With no shortage of homework and school activities, finding time for prayer, family worship, Bible study, and the meetings and ministry can be a challenge. There are a number of ways in which Christian parents can plan ahead and keep track of these important activities.

Pre-Planning and Tracking Tools A little pre-planning and some good tracking tools can go a long way toward keeping the kids focused on spiritual things once the fall school session begins. If parents are organized, kids usually are too. The Deluxe 2015 Theocratic Weekly Agenda may be the solution for parents. It provides references for the Theocratic Ministry School for each week of the year. This is a place parents can keep track of schedules, locate materials and scriptures, and flip back to valuable records and notes about days gone by. Not only that, parents can share their planned agendas with the kids so they can get excited about fun dates, circuit overseers' visits, and events such as the assemblies and special preaching campaigns.

Games and Activities for the Kids Keeping organized schedules and notes is only part of the recipe for keeping kids focused on God. During their quiet time, there are dozens of books, activities and games that can reach their hearts, keep spiritual things at the forefront, while at the same time having fun. With the right games and social activities, it is easy to keep their minds in the right place. Ministry Ideaz offers some excellent family worship resources for kids – and parents will enjoy them just as much. Select from puzzles, board games, pocket planners and more!

Seeking First the Kingdom Keeping God's Kingdom as a priority is easy when you plan ahead, use the right tracking tools, and keep the kids engaged. Get a head start with the new, 171-page Theocratic Weekly Agenda, and get your kids energized with a schedule you can talk about in advance. The kids will look forward to the things parents have planned during the school year, and parents can relax knowing that the children will keep their focus on God and his Kingdom through these special activities. Call on Ministry Ideaz to help children have fun and create special blessed memories throughout the year!

What special ways have you found to help keep your children focused on God's Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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