Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing: TagOn – A Board Game for Jehovah’s Witnesses

What are you and the family doing tonight? If you don’t have anything planned, how about a family game night? When you can bring the family together over a good game while your faith as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is strengthened, it’s the perfect item to have on the itinerary. Keep reading to learn more about this fun board game that is designed to merge game night with family worship night!

Introducing TagOn! TagOn is a crossword board game, comparable to the timeless classic Scrabble, except with a special twist – it's made specially for Jehovah's Witnesses. It’s a great idea and easy to play as well. The goal is to spell out important words that are found in the Bible. There are also special categories and, if a word should fall into one of them, extra points are earned. As the game moves forward, you will see that with every turn something new is learned about the Bible. Whether the lesson learned is about Bible characters, quotes, genealogy, scenes, events or any other of the infinite tidbits of faith-strengthening information there are to be found here, the members of your family are sure to come out spiritually fortified by the end of the game. Not to mention, it’s as fun and suspenseful a board game as you have played and everyone will have a blast while becoming better informed Witnesses of Jehovah.

Download the rules right here and learn more about how to play TagOn, so you can surprise the kids with a unique activity for your next family worship night! This game is now available to order from Ministry Ideaz. Click here to order now!

Under inspiration, Paul wrote “Fully accomplish your ministry” – 2 Timothy 4:5 (“Do your service thoroughly,” Byington). Finding innovative ways to help spread the truth and strengthen our faith is just a part of what we do here at Ministry Ideaz. To that end, we provide publishers and pioneers with all the practical theocratic resources needed to be prepared, organized and knowledgeable. Check out our site today to find all the materials you need to learn, preach and teach!

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