Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Read the Bible in a Year – 10 Tips to Make a Success of Daily Bible Reading

Have you read the entire Bible from cover to cover? January is an excellent time to start! Sadly however, some have started many times to read the entire Bible, only to find that their program gets interrupted.

People make goals all the time, such as eating healthy, exercising more or not hitting the snooze button, only to go back to the old ways before long. Have you faced this challenge with Bible reading?

If the idea of reading the entire Bible in one year intimidates you, take heart! As Jehovah’s Witnesses, few commitments can be more important than the commitment to read the Bible more often – better yet, to read the entire Bible in one year. Why should this resolution succeed where so many have failed before? Because you have faith, of course – and because there are many readily available tools that can make this goal much more attainable. So, what can you do to reach the goal of reading the entire Bible?

Here are our quick tips:

  1. Schedule Bible reading into your daily routine. Set aside a regular time for it — perhaps early in the morning, at noontime, at suppertime, or before you go to bed. Just reading snatches of it during the day when you happen to have time will not ensure regularity. Also plan a backup strategy. If for some reason you are unable to do your Bible reading at your preferred time, have another time selected so that you never let a day go by without reading God’s Word.

  2. Bible Reading Bookmarks
    Make your goal measureable. Chart your progress. For example, if you read from three to five chapters of the Bible every day, you’ll accomplish reading the entire Bible in just one year. However, knowing how much you need to read every day is important and also difficult to figure out on your own. Fortunately, you can download a free Bible reading schedule at Ministry Ideaz. Also, check out the useful reading schedule at jw.org. Why not make it your resolve to try one of these programs? Under the heading “Date,” plan out when you will read each set of chapters. Then, in the box provided, check off the sections as you read them. Doing so will help you keep track of your progress. The Bible reading bookmarks we provide are a great help, too!

  3. Make your goal attainable. Goals should make us stretch and grow, but they must also be achievable and realistic. Personal abilities, skills, and available time must be taken into account. For some, more time may be required to accomplish the goal without becoming discouraged.

  4. Encourage family members to pursue
    daily Bible reading
    Enjoy the Bible as friends or as a family. The Bible is better with friends. If you are a family head, show personal interest by helping family members to develop a good routine. Doing some Bible reading as a family may encourage family members to pursue daily Bible reading on a personal basis. Sharing, discussing, and exploring the things that God’s Word is saying to each of you — surrounded by people you trust — helps you apply the Scriptures in your everyday life.

  5. Make reading convenient. Having a schedule is one thing, but being able to stick to it is another matter. We know that you are very busy and likely spend a good part of your day at work, at school or somewhere in between and don’t have the space to take your Bible out and read. That is precisely why you should know about the new Pocket New World Translation Bible. It’s very small, can fit conveniently in your pocket or small purse and go with you anywhere. Whether sitting at your desk or on the bus, it is the perfect size for a quick read when you’re on a tight schedule and in a tight space. If you want to keep your pocket Bible protected, check out these quality pocket Bible covers.

  6. Use technology to your advantage. Technology is a big time-saver, isn't it? But it can be an
    Use your mobile device
    even bigger time-waster if we let it! Some surveys report that people spend over 2 hours a day on social media! Let's channel some of that love for technology to something worthwhile:
    • Get out your smart phone or tablet, and download the free JW mobile app for Apple or Android. Now you can substitute vital Bible reading time for a few minutes of Facebooking!
    • Set a Bible reading reminder. Use the "Reminders" or "Calendar" feature of your device to pop up and say: "Hey! It's time for your daily Bible reading."

  7. Listen to the Bible with Audio. Did you know that the entire 1984 New World Translation is available to download at jw.org and portions of the new 2013 New World Translation are available now too? Listen while you drive, work, exercise — or even read along. The online Audio Bible even offers Audio versions in several different languages. Note: Unless you download it first to your device, the online Audio Bible uses streaming, so be aware of the data usage plan for your provider. For best audio results, we recommend connecting over WiFi.

  8. Set a time-limit. Your goal needs to be timed. Setting a date for finishing the Bible (for example, December 31st, 2015) may well increase your motivation to get it done.

  9. Benefit from what you're reading. When you do your Bible reading, don't read just for the sake of reading, or to "get it over with." Take time to ponder the meaning of what you read — what it tells you about Jehovah, how it can influence your life beneficially, and how you can use it to help others. Three things that will aid greatly to this end are: Highlight, Bookmark, & Take Notes.

  10. Don't give up! Daily Bible reading requires self-discipline. You are not born with a desire for it. You need to “form a longing” for God’s Word. (1 Peter 2:2) But not to worry. As you cultivate the habit, your spiritual appetite will grow. As you read new things that you never knew, you may find that you want to broaden out by undertaking special Bible research projects to deepen your understanding and appreciation for the spiritual riches that Jehovah has made available to us.

What to do when you finish. Once you have read the entire Bible, why stop there? Ministry Ideaz has a variety of different schedules: 1. Chronological order, 2. Thematic reading, 3. Order of books written, etc. Keep it interesting, and use a different schedule to read the entire Bible every year. Each time you read the Bible, you will find new things that apply to your life — things that you have never noticed before. Why? Because our lives and circumstances are changing constantly.

It may sound like a big commitment but that's what goals are all about: challenging yourself to become a better you. So make it your firm determination to peer daily into the mirror of God’s Word, the Bible. In this way, you can be sure that you allow God to speak to you every day. — Psalm 16:8. With so many resources at hand, there is no reason not to give it your best. Is there a special Bible reading TIP you would like to share? Please let us know in the comments below!


  1. Thank you so much for the tips. I have been wanting to start and this motivates me to do it. May Jehovah bless us all in our efforts to serve him more fully.

  2. We had a small group of us that instead of having a Book Club we had a Bible Reading club. We met once a month, we each took turns picked a Bible Book we all read and came together to share our favorite part of that particular book (Snacks too)

    1. This is a GREAT idea! As a single person Family Worship is a challenge. This idea of involving other people will help me stay motivated. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I started this year by using the thematic reading schedule in the pocket calendar I received from Ministry Ideaz. It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm enjoying reading a few chapters from different sections of the Bible each day. It is so nice to break it up so that you are reading a little bit from the Law, history, Psalms, poetry, prophecy, the Gospels, and letters every week. Thanks for the suggestion and schedule, Ministry Ideaz!

  4. Thanks Ministry Ideaz. I will definitely implement these tips into my Bible reading program

  5. I really enjoy making use of the spiritual feast that you provide. Thank you.
    However something was missing in last year's pocket calendar and I fear that it will not be available this coming year as well. I am referring to the Read-The-Bible in a year - THEMATICALLY feature. I really miss it. Is there a way that I can obtain this file? It is a wonderful, creative way to read the bible in a year. Can you help me? Aga'pe.

    1. Gladly! Please visit:

  6. Fantastic site. A lot oof uzeful info here.
    I'm sending it too some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thanks in your effort!