Thursday, April 23, 2015

Family Worship Music

When it comes to worshiping with your family, you want to find a fun way to get them involved while still reaching their little hearts with the Truth.

Upbeat Bible songs for children are a great way to provide your kids with a fun new way to sing and learn at the same time. Songs for Sharing and Bible Songs, albums by Brendan Vincent Owens, are sure to have your kids singing everywhere they go.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 Bible Verses on What it Takes to Be a Good Friend

Good friends are important. They are truly a blessing from Jehovah; Jesus had twelve of them himself.

However, there is more to being a friend than simply clicking "add friend" links on Facebook. What do you look for in a friend? How can you be a good friend? What does it take to forge a lasting friendship?

It is important that we don’t take our friends for granted and know what we need to do in order to maintain a healthy friendship in which we honor not only our friends, but Him who brought them into our lives as well. There are many verses in the Bible that instruct us on how to achieve this and we have gathered a few of them here in this post. Continue reading to find out how you can be a good friend in Jehovah's eyes.

Friday, April 10, 2015

“In God We Trust”: 15 Bible Verses For Trusting God in Tough Times

“In God We Trust.” This motto first appeared on a circulating U.S. coin in 1864. Yet, it is one thing to claim that we trust in God. It is quite another to show it by our actions. For example, the phrase has long appeared on U.S. paper currency and coins. In 1956, the U.S. Congress passed a law declaring that expression the national motto of the United States. Ironically, many people put greater trust in money and material wealth than they do in God.

Nevertheless, when money is scare, when a job is lost, when distressed with health issues or fleshly weaknesses, trusting in God can be a challenge. Satan uses discouragement and trouble in this world to make us give up.

The following are 15 verses that we’ve found can help us to trust in Jehovah through thick and thin. Got a verse that helps you trust God in the tough times? We’d love it if you’d share it in the comments!