Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Product Spotlight – The Upcoming “Imitate Their Faith” Book Study – Are You Ready?

Are you all ready with your copy of the “Imitate Their Faith” textbook? We hope so! We’re as excited as you are that, for the first time, Jehovah’s Witnesses of all ages are going study and learn from these shining Bible examples of faith. Since it is such an important tool for helping us to be the best Jehovah’s Witnesses we can be, we want to make sure that we keep book study book clean and neat as we go to and fro from all the many meetings we attend.

Therefore, we at Ministry Ideaz have designed some beautiful leather and leatherette covers that have proven to be just that. Also, find some handsome bookmarks to keep your place and keep track of the schedule at the same time!

Continue reading to find out more about these brand new meeting supplies for the “Imitate Their Faith” study.

Keep your “Imitate Their Faith” study book as good as new!

Don't forget that this is a paperback publication and can get easily worn. Therefore, it is all the more vital to keep it safe.

The beautifully embossed “Imitate Their Faith” cover from Ministry Ideaz fits your Congregation Bible Study publication like a glove and protects the pages from constantly snagging on your bag or briefcase. With the Hebrew tetragrammaton on the cover (leather only), this book cover has tons of great features and hand-made elements. These quality covers, available in leather or leatherette and in over twenty classic and pastel colors, are just what you need to keep this precious gem of a textbook in good condition for years to come. Own a Spanish version of the book (“Ejemplos de Fe”)? Perfect! Ministry Ideaz has just the cover for you too, reading “Ejemplos de Fe.”

Stay on schedule with an “Imitate Their Faith” bookmark

Keeping up with the Congregation Bible Study schedule is as easy as using one of our “Imitate Their Faith” bookmarks to hold your place and encourage your progress. Just keep it safely in front of week’s study to stay on top of your Congregation Bible Study. These handsome book study bookmarks have 8 different designs and are available in Spanish, French and English. Keep one for yourself, and gift the other seven! Or order in bulk for huge savings!

We recommend you get a set of JW book study bookmarks for each member of your family and start encouraging one another to keep up with the book study preparation.

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