Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keep calm and pioneer on: 1,000,000+ Regular Pioneers Start Afresh

KUDOS to the 1,089,446 regular pioneers who finished
their service year! YAH! You guys are awesome.
It’s September now and the new service year is here! Yesterday marked the end of the 2014-2015 service. We want to congratulate you 1,089,446 regular pioneers who made a great shout of praise over the past 12 months. WAY TO GO!

How has your family done over the past service year? Did you made it your goal to start pioneering this year? If so, then today is the day! On your marks, get set... let's go! 

Tuesday, September 1 – First Day of the New Service Year:

Most pioneers have a very full schedule and it can be a struggle to get everything done. Therefore, good personal organization is a must. One of our favorite tools for this is the 2015 Monthly Pocket Calendar. As we all know it is so easy to add things to one’s schedule; thus, those in the full-time service may need to assess matters regularly and make adjustments if needed. Daily Bible reading, personal study, and meditation ought to be part of a pioneer’s schedule and there are handy templates available for all of this in the Monthly Pocket Planner. The 2016 JW pocket calendars are already in the making. Click here to sign up to receive an email when they’re ready to order.

The Pioneer Portfolio

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect leather bag that has been designed especially for pioneers and that will last you well into the new system? We invite you to read some of the reviews of our most popular ministry product: The Pioneer Portfolio.

Barbara W. says:
Pioneer Bag Convenience! Pack only what you use daily. It cuts down the frustration of a larger more expansive tote. This makes about 7 of these I have ordered, two for myself and the remainder for friends and my Pioneer Partner...
Loving this product... HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Shelah S. says:
The Best! Been in full time service 20 years and this is the best service bag I've ever had.
Steve's wife says:
Love the fact that everything has a place. I purchased one, my husband saw the organization in it and proceeded to use it for himself. Had to purchase another for myself. Did so gladly!
Nettie says:
I purchased this for my mother, as she has trouble carrying too much weight. She loves it! There is a place for everything, and it looks gorgeous! Thank you!

Whatever you hope to accomplish in the new service year, pray that Jehovah grant you the resolve to do so. As the year progresses, we're sure that there will be lots of special events and surprises in store for us!

Any supplies and materials that you need to help you along the way can be found at Ministry Ideaz.

How has your family done over the past service year? Now is the time to review your schedule and see what adjustments may be needed. Can you take time during your Family Worship evening to discuss your family’s goals and make a schedule for the next service year? Let us know your plans in the comments below!


  1. Yay i'm glad in fact I just started regular pioneering made it through the first month!!!!

  2. I'm looking for presents for pioneers that could be personalized. Creative presents, like the one above, would be great. Wonder where to find them. We have 22 pioneers, I can't spent an arm and leg either.