Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Upcoming Jehovah’s Witnesses Circuit Assemblies

imitate jehovah circuit assembly of jehovah's witnesses
Off to the Circuit Assembly!
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Every year Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world look forward to meeting and gathering at our large assemblies and conventions. These meetings help to strengthen our brotherhood by creating unique opportunities to meet and share ideas with Witnesses from other congregations and even other countries. They also help us to further our spiritual learning and progress. Each program is based on a Scriptural theme, and at each meeting we participate in discussions, symposiums and even reenactments in which we learn and remember how to best do God’s will throughout life.

For example, at this year’s “Imitate Jehovah!” circuit assembly,
Heading to the Circuit Assembly in Ghana
Witnesses will discuss questions such as “Why should we strive to imitate Jehovah, and what is needed in order to do that?” and “How can we demonstrate impartiality in our ministry?”.

The other circuit assembly this service year has the theme: “Imitate Their Faith!” where we’ll hear talks such as “Imitate ‘Holy Women of the Past’” and “Imitate Those Who ‘Through Faith and Patience Inherit the Promises.’” Be sure to take plenty of notes and stay tuned to answers to questions such as: How can we take as a pattern the faithful example of the prophets? and How can we imitate the apostle Paul’s example as an evangelizer?

Baptism pool in Colorado, USA
You’ve probably already attended your JW regional convention program for 2015-2016 with the theme: “Imitate Jesus!” This year’s theme recognizes Jesus Christ as “a universally known figure and a positive role model for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures,” according to JW spokesman J.R. Brown. This year’s regional conventions began in May and will continue through January 2016.

Wondering where the next closest convention is to you? Use the convention search here! And make sure to order early your JW circuit assembly notebooks so you’ll have them on hand before the program starts!

Are you a newly interested person who is unsure of what to expect at your first assembly? We’ve included a sample Jehovah’s Witness circuit assembly program so you can preview the sort of activities we participate in and what type of subjects we regularly discuss.

View the complete Jehovah’s Witness Convention Schedule 2015 - 2016 for more information about this year’s three-day convention and your regional circuit assemblies, and remember to mark your calendar to attend!
A refreshing open air Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chile 


  1. I don't find Circuit Assemblies--only Conventions. Anyone know where to find Circuit Assemblies? Thank you.

    1. The Brother will announce it from the platform.

  2. date of circuit ass november townsville australia

  3. Are there anymore one day assembly going on here in California in English please let me know where and date. Thanks.