Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Did You Know Ministry Ideaz Offers Professional Gift-Wrapping Services?

Many of you are aware of the great products we offer. We have a wide range of notebooks, book covers and more. These Jehovah's Witnesses ministry supplies make great gifts. But did you know we offer custom gift wrapping? If you are shopping for a loved one, our gift-wrapping service is a great value.

Gift wrapping adds a nice, personal touch to any gift. Gift wrapping makes the difference between an impersonal gift and a personal, heartfelt gift. Gift wrapping is a small touch that can make a big difference. It shows the recipient that you really took the time and put in the effort to show your love and support. We can even print a card or note and attach it to your item. If you do not use our gift-wrapping service, you can still add a free custom note to your order.

Save Time

Our professional gift-wrapping service saves you time. With the busy lives that we all live, any extra time we get is a blessing. When we wrap your gift for you, you will have more time to do what is truly important, study and witness. With standard gift giving, you would have to order the item and have it shipped to your house. Then, you would have to wrap it yourself and send it to the recipient.

But now, you can send your gift straight to the receiver by getting it wrapped by our professional, friendly team. This is a great way to give a gift to someone who lives far away. However, our professional gift-wrapping service is also great if you intend to give the gift in person.

How to Use Our Gift-Wrapping Service

Using our gift-wrapping option is easy and straightforward. Simply buy your Jehovah's Witness gifts as usual. Then, proceed to your shopping cart. When you are in your shopping cart, check the box that says “Show gift options during checkout.” After you check the box, proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout page, you will notice a small box to the right of each item with the option to add our gift-wrapping service.

Each item gift wrapped will only cost $1.99 (varies according to item). Simply check the box next to each item you want to gift wrap and add your personalized note. If you do not order gift wrapping, you can still add a note. Simply fill in the note box without checking the box to order the gift-wrapping service.

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