Monday, September 5, 2016

The 2016 Ministry Ideaz Summer Picnic

The Ecuador staff at Ministry Ideaz joined together earlier this summer for an afternoon picnic in Tumbaco, Ecuador. All the Ministry Ideaz employees based in Ecuador were invited to bring their families to the reception for good eats, fun games and many thanks and prizes from the owners, Greg and Jade Holland.

“Ministry Ideaz isn’t just a family-owned company, but a business that has become a family,” said Greg Holland. “We wanted to thank all our employees and their families for their support over the years. We couldn’t think of a better way than a fun-filled day in the park with all our family and friends.”

With more than 25 attendees at the picnic, Greg was happy to see how the company he founded in 2002 has grown. “What a joy it is to see everyone come together to celebrate their hard work,” said Greg. “Our employees work big days and give their best. It was very important to us to meet all our employees’ families and thank them for supporting their loved ones who work very hard to support our company. We’re also very happy that so many of our workers have made arrangements to take up the full-time pioneer service.”

Have fun watching some videos and pictures of the day:

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  1. LOL. . .:-D That was fun to watch y'all my brothers and sisters having a good time. Thanks for sharing. <3