Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Warwick 2017: Visit our New World Headquarters!

Entrance to World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses
BethelTours.net organizes affordable and spiritually upbuilding trips to all our Bethel facilities in New York and other parts of the world. In 2011 David and Monica Chinchilla decided to provide for their congregation an affordable option to visit Bethel. Since the bus did not fill up, they invited brothers and sisters from other congregations, only to discover a great need that has kept them busy for over five years. Since then, BethelTours.net has helped over 1500 brothers and sisters, from all states of the U.S. and other parts of the world, make their dream of touring Bethel come true.

Since 2012 David and Monica have been making their dream true: serving as ‘need-greaters’ in Costa Rica. Over the past four years, they have served by the beach in Samara, in the flat lands of Nicoya, near the mountains in Hojancha, and now by volcanoes in Fortuna. Making this beautiful and spiritually productive country their permanent home has, in their words: “overjoyed us with amazing experiences and great blessings” - David.

Every year they travel to U.S.A to serve as personal guides for all their trips so that you can have the best possible experience visiting Jehovah’s House (Bethel).

Why travel in a group?

Group trips create an opportunity to make new long lasting friendships by spending quality time with other brothers and sisters. It also makes it possible to divide, amongst all passengers, the costs of traveling. Sharing expenses, in turn, translates to significant savings in hotel and transportation costs. During trips, they share experiences, morning worship, the Watchtower study, Bible reading and other spiritual activities that strengthen and upbuild every mile along the way.

We encourage you to make plans to visit our new World Headquarters in Warwick. Please visit www.BethelTours.net or call (817)-607-8019 or e-mail: betheltours@hotmail.com for more information.



  1. You can book now and choose your date by January 15th 2017, after you know when your regional convention will be

  2. Would like more information please.

    1. Please call (817)-607-8019 or e-mail: betheltours@hotmail.com for more information