Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Do you have a schedule? 5 ways to schedule your day from Ministry Ideaz

5 Scheduler and Calendar Options

Set a goal - make a plan. No matter what our schedule is, we all rely on calendars to help us remember appointments or track progress. At this time of year, most of our well-used 2019 calendars are approaching their end - their final page, their final day. Hopefully, you remembered to put "get a new calendar" in your schedule. But, if you forgot, it's never too late. Here are 5 options to help you stay on track.

In the comments, don't forget to let us know your favorite calendar feature!

1. 2020 Wall Calendar

Are you a big-picture person? Well, you will love the pictures in this beautiful wall calendar. You will also appreciate the ability to see your whole month in one glance. Ideal for keeping track of what day it is or making note of big events. Going for dinner? Make note of it for the whole family! Circuit Overseer visit coming? Mark it on the calendar.

2. Desk Calendar

If you have a desk job or a favorite study spot, a desk calendar is a great way to add both color and organization to your space. Ministry Ideaz desk calendars include the Bible reading schedule to keep you on track and cute encouraging sayings. Plus, much more.

If you have a particularly busy schedule, a personal planner is probably a good idea. In addition to wall and desk calendars, here at Ministry Ideaz, we supply options for planners and agendas. Here a few to consider.

3. 2020 Weekly Agenda

If you have a very busy schedule or want to keep track of everything, this weekly agenda affords plenty of space. Each week spans two pages for plenty of space to note your daily to-dos, appointments or service plans. Get an overview of each month with a monthly calendar. As with all our calendars, find fun little sayings and keep up-to-date with your weekly Bible reading schedule.

Includes a spot to track your monthly service report!

4. 2020 "My Ministry Scheduler"

New to Ministry Ideaz, this compact scheduler is great for keeping track of your weekly service schedule and other appointments and events. Slip it into your purse, service bag, or suit pocket and have your planner everywhere. For a compact design, it packs plenty of features and space for the more important things. From Return visits to your favorite scriptures, everything has a place in the "My Ministry Scheduler".

Includes a spot to track your monthly service report!

5. 2020 Pocket Planner

The most compact planner at Ministry Ideaz is the Pocket Planner. Available in two small sizes, this planner is perfect if you prefer to keep things simple. Includes monthly calendars, weekly Bible reading schedule, and more. One of Ministry Ideaz most popular planners! Protect it with an optional vinyl cover.
Includes a spot to track your monthly service report! Available in Spanish too!

What is your favorite feature in a calendar or planner? What makes your day to day simpler? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Take Notes at the Assemblies!

Take note: assembly supplies are here!

Do you have notebooks filled from cover to cover with notes, only to have them sit on a shelf never to be opened again? Let's break the habit! True, taking notes may help you pay close attention to the program. However, to make the best use of our notes, remember to take time after the program to review those key points you eagerly jotted down.

📝 Likely, each of us has our preferred method of note-taking — different tips and styles. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Rather than write every word, make brief notes of key points that you want to remember.
  • Use arrows → or stars ✭ to mark a favorite point or something you want to apply.
  • Review your notes soon, while the program is still fresh in mind. (It's never pleasant, months down the road, to find a misprint when you can't remember what it was supposed to be.)
Of course, there are many many more note-taking tips, but we want to hear some of your favorites. Let us know in the comments!

With the assemblies fast approaching many will want to stock up on their note-taking supplies. Here at Ministry Ideaz we strive to help make this a simple task. Our 2-in-1 notebooks allow you to prepare for both the "Love Builds Up" and "Love Jehovah With All Your Heart" assemblies at the same time. Each notebook features talk titles pre-written for convenience. That way all you need to do is jot-down the speaker's name and get right into the talk.
"I have purchased these not only for the Circuit Assembly’s, But the Regional’s as well. They are so convenient and never have to worry about where are my notes 📝" - Charleen
Let's not forget the kids! Designed with little ones in mind, the Kid's Assembly Activity Book is sure to please parents and children alike. This notebooks feature simple activities to keep them active, yet not distracted.
"Of course kids love these and the little activities too. Such a good focus strategy and good training. Thank you." - Christine
So, whatever your note-taking needs, prepare now. Then all you will need to worry about is what to pack for lunch. 🍎

Happy note-taking!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Our gift to pioneers everywhere: Free 2019/2020 theocratic pocket planners

The new service year is almost here and our 2019-2020 theocratic pocket planners are ready!

You've probably already read about them on our website (click here).


  • There is a total of 16 months, running from September 2019 to December 2020.
  • Each month has spaces to include your service report for each day.
  • Space is provided for each day of the month to record placements of literature, video viewings, return visits as well as recording your hours in the ministry and Bible studies.
  • Many more great features.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

"Love Never Fails" International Convention Supplies

"Love Never Fails" International Convention Supplies

This year many have the exciting opportunity to attend the "Love Never Fails" Convention at one of the 24 international locations. If you happen to be a international convention delegate, I'm sure you are busy finalizing your plans, making a packing-list, and preparing you itinerary with eager excitement. 

If convention gifts are on your packing list, we have many options available.

2019 Convention Postcards

Magnets and Postcards

Small enough to fit in a suitcase, magnets and postcards make great little gifts and keepsakes to give the new friends you make. Each of the 24 conventions each have there own unique design, featuring the local language of the host country.

2019 Convention PensFun Convention pens

For the young and young at heart. These convention pens are sure to add an extra bit of fun to your note taking and adorable gifts for your friends (old and new). Better yet, they work on paper and tablets. Also available is the combo pen + highlighter + stylus.


Notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks. With a special design for each convention location (Atlanta sold out) you can get a unique keepsake to remember this exciting occasion. As always, the talk titles are pre-written for your convenience. Extra pages are included in the back.

2019 Convention Supplies

Monday, February 11, 2019

Product Spotlight: Just for the Kids

Meeting and Ministry Supplies Just for the Kids

Can you hear it? The "crunch, crunch, creek" of snow under your child's feet as they search under the snow for the perfect rocks. They carefully place the smooth stones on the newly made snowman and turn to you and ask for a carrot nose. Perhaps when you think of snow, you think "brrr, cold. Where's my snow shovel?" But for many children, the first snowfall brings shivers of excitement, not memories of chilly weather. 

Kids love to have fun and love it, even more, when mom or dad take the time to play with them - even if that means braving the ice cold. In the same way that a little fun makes snow more enjoyable, things like chores, studying and other activities can also become more enjoyable and exciting when kids feel involved and are having fun. However, sometimes finding supplies that are kid-size is a little difficult. 

Bags and Cases

At Ministry Ideaz we recognize the challenge of finding suitable supplies for kids and offer a variety of kid-friendly items. A full-size briefcase is probably not going to work for a toddler. Instead look for smaller bags that will be easy to carry for little ones.

Toddler Size CaseFor Boys

Consider either the "Charlie" Bag - a simple design just the right size for children - or this adorable toddler briefcase (shown on to right). This toddler's case is designed to be a child-size version of a standard soft-sided briefcase. Not only can your child have something just-their-size (at only 1 lb), but can also be just like daddy with a bag that matches his. If your child is older, check out the larger version, the "Caleb Case", designed for children aged 5-13.
Matching bags for the kids

For Girls

Enter bright fun colors! For little ones, try the Little Girl's Ministry Tote. This simple bag reflects the design of the boy's "Charlie" bag, but with fun colors like pink, lime green, turquoise, and lil
Sophia Bag for kids and moms
Sophia Bag
. Also available is the imaginative 'Lil Anna Bag. This bag brings to mind an almost cartoon style - also available in a variety of colors.

For the older girls and moms alike, the Sophia bag may be just right. This ministry bag is a bit big for toddlers, but it perfect for the "big kids" who can carry a little more. With enough room for all your meeting supplies, this bag is great for all ages and moms like it too. Get your favorite color for your own unique style.

More Supplies

Now that your child has their own bag, they get to pack it with their meeting supplies. What is your child's favorite publication? Do they have a notebook and a pen? If they are prepared, they are more likely to feel involved and able to participate.

If you are looking for add-on items for your order, consider specialty items for the kids - meeting notebooks, or fun pens and pencils. Even these items are designed to appeal to their imaginative young minds. 
Sophia Pen and Caleb Teddy Bear
Fun Butterfly Pens

Monday, January 21, 2019

Fun Assembly Supplies for Kids!

Kids Assembly Pens for 2019

Fun Assembly Supplies for Kids

You probably already saw Ministry Ideaz assembly notebooks designed especially for kids. But, have you seen our pencils yet? These fun pencils are designed to encourage children to learn, create and enjoy themselves while notetaking. Each pencil has the theme of one of the 2019 Assemblies: "Be Bold" and "Be Strong"!

Why pencils?

Pencils are great for all ages! Your child can write/draw to their heart's content. You will have no need to worry that they will accidentally write where they shouldn't. Since, unlike a pen (which has ink), pencil marks can be easily erased.

Make notetaking fun!

Kids have active imaginations, and they love both bright colors and adorable animals. Encourage creativity with these fun pencils - featuring a cat or a cow. With these pencils and a notebook, your kids will be joyfully engaged for the assembly program.

Check out all our fun kid's supplies online.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Product Spotlight - 2019 Theocratic Pocket Planner

16-month Pocket Planner for Jehovah's Witnesses

2019 Theocratic Pocket Planner for Jehovah's Witnesses
Have you seen the new pocket planner? The 2019 Pocket Calendar for Jehovah’s Witnesses is structured to provide 16 total months, making it the perfect addition for the 2018-2019 service year. This beautifully designed pocket planner addresses all aspects of planning your routine, including space to record important dates and a cleanly organized pioneer schedule. It also features a handy spot to record your monthly service report - efficiently organized for any publisher. The cover is rendered with an eye catching artist's depiction of paradise.

Available in Two Sizes

This 2019 Theocratic Monthly Planner for Jehovah's Witnesses can be purchased in either a small or medium-size version, allowing individuals to optimize their organization. Furthermore, you can add an extra layer of protection by purchasing a 2019 pocket calendar outfitted with a special vinyl cover. Those interested in purchasing multiple planners can benefit from special prices on 20, 50, or 100 units. As a bonus, orders of 100 or more are eligible for free shipping within the United States.
It's not too late to get one.

For years Ministry Ideaz' Theocratic Pocket Planner has been a staple item for many happy customers. Since its introduction, we have expanded our selection to include many handy options - from weekly agendas, to notebooks - to help the friends in their daily routine.