Thursday, March 22, 2018

Keep Track of Interested Persons

Theocratic Organizer for Jehovah’s Witnesses
When you are out in service, taking detailed notes will help you keep track of interested persons. It will also give you the motivation to make a return visit. This is exactly why the return visit and service record book is absolutely invaluable.

The book helps you stay organized by making it easy to record crucial details about interested people such as their names and physical addresses. You can even draw a map to remind you of an interested person’s place of residence. It consists of six sections separated by plastic dividers. The first section is the monthly planner where you can fill in dates to keep track of your yearly activities. The second section comprises five initial call sheets which allow you to jot down details of your first encounters and 35 additional sheets to record your return visits. The other four sections allow you to keep track of magazine placements, where you left off from a previous visit, and monthly activity totals.

E-commerce company Ministry Ideaz helps out Jehovah’s Witnesses through quality materials that make the ministry easier. One of the products offered by Ministry Ideaz is the return visit and service record book for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The 2018 Meeting Workbook Companion by Ministry Ideaz

The My Spiritual Gems 2018 Meeting Workbook companion is the perfect accessory for any individual or family in need of a place to keep their notes and research for the two weekly meetings.

Read what some parents have said:
Love the kids meeting notebook. My girls pay attention so much more during the meetings and love taking notes and counting how many times Jehovah, Jesus, etc. are said at the meeting. Thank you for making an awesome product. We will be ordering for many years to come.
 - Alisha

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ministry Ideaz focuses on ministry supplies as its “Service Ready Table Tote”

A functional and stylish service bag, the hands-free magazine and tablet tote was created for Jehovah’s Witnesses engaged in door-to-door ministry. The bag helps Jehovah’s Witnesses stay organized and look professional to ensure they leave a lasting impression.

Aurora says:
As a regular pioneer, I’m always looking for a good service bag. Another sister said she was trying to find a bag that would let her carry her essentials but not be really bulky. To encourage her to pioneer , I bought her one of the bags and between the two let her take the pick of the one she wanted. We both love them!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The My Meeting Treasures Ministry Meeting Notebook for KIDS

As a parent, it’s purely natural to be concerned for your children. You want to ensure they get the best out of every Christian meeting. However, children, being infinitely curious and restless, easily lose concentration. Channeling their infinite curiosity and creative energy at Christian meetings will ensure they get the most out of meetings. The My Meeting Treasures Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion will do just that.

Here’s what one mother said:
My 9-year old son using his Meeting Treasures notebook. It really helps him focus during the meeting and enjoy it much more. Thanks for the wonderful product!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

iPad and Tablet Covers for the Ministry

The Service Ready Tablet Tote
Recognizing the evolving role of technology in our preaching and teaching work, Ministry Ideaz offers handcrafted iPad and tablet holders that help Jehovah's Witnesses stay organized while out in service.

Combining functionality with aesthetics, Ministry Ideaz iPad and tablet covers are crafted from durable, stylish leather or fabric and are available in an array of colors including brown, black, and pink.

Designed by brothers for brothers, the iPad holders provide robust protection for tablets and smart devices, along with ample pockets for storing preaching necessities. The ‘Service Ready’ Tablet Tote  is by far a favorite for the sister. For witnesses seeking even greater organization and storage capacity, all-in-one Preaching Folios can replace a briefcase and provide a convenient way to transport a tablet and literature. To view the full range of iPad and tablet covers, portfolio cases, and other accessories, visit

A family-owned and operated business based in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz offers an extensive line of leather goods such as Bible and book covers, ministry supply bags, and bookmarks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Product Spotlight – My Big Book of Bible Puzzles

My Big Book of Bible Puzzles for Jehovah's Witnesses
My Big Book of Bible Puzzles is a quality book filled with Bible study activities such as crosswords, fun word puzzles, multiple choice and true or false questions, and imaginative mazes. Designed to make Bible research enjoyable, these activities have varying degrees of difficulty and are suitable for everyone, both young and old. The book is perfect for families during road trips, get-togethers, and even children’s parties.

Here’s what one grandmother named Rosanne said: “I gave this puzzle book to my 7-year old granddaughter when she was here for a few days on a visit. Whenever she was just by herself, I saw her doing the puzzles instead of playing with her dolls. She really loved the book!”

Monday, January 8, 2018

User-friendly Design: Recognizing the Importance of Ergonomics in your Ministry Tools

The word ergonomics comes from two Greek words: “ergo”, which means “work”, and “nomos”, which means “laws.” Ergonomics is the science, focused of the characteristics of human fit, that studies the relationship of people with the tools they use and the spaces they live in; in particular, trying to identify the possible solutions to fatigue and discomfort within product design.

The Ergonomic Hands-Free Watchtower Magazine Tote

Among Ministry Ideaz’ more popular items is the hands-free Watchtower Magazine tote, which features an ergonomic design that comfortably distributes weight carried through an adjustable shoulder strap.