Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Workbook Helps Children Focus During Jehovah’s Witnesses “Always Rejoice” Convention

Ministry Ideaz provides a “kids’ convention workbook” for the “Always Rejoice” convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Designed for children between the ages of three and 13, the 2020 workbook consists of 112 pages of listening games for convention talks, crosswords, mazes, notes, keyword charts, and “What I Learned?” exercises. In total, the workbook features around 350 different exercises and activities for kids of varying ages to enjoy during the 2020 Jehovah’s Witnesses convention.

While the convention notebook for kids includes plenty of fun activities, the goal is to help children learn and pay attention to the convention. Each talk has two full pages of activities that keep children engaged and immersed in the content, and many of the activities encourage kids to listen carefully to the talk. Thanks to this focus, the workbook will not distract children from the convention.

Here's what others have said: 

“I love the Kids Convention Workbooks I ordered for my daughters and my niece and nephews. Thank you so much for updating them to include a living room as a location for our convention as we will all be viewing our convention from our homes this year! I thought that was a thoughtful addition! The rest of the workbook looks amazing and I look forward to seeing them all filled up this summer!” (anonymous online shopper)

“These are great!! My kids can hardly wait until we start watching the convention to use them!! They are going to be a lifesaver to have especially this year since we’re viewing the program from home. I would definitely buy them again. ”  Lacee D

“Thank you guys for your hard work! Since the quarantine, I have been thinking of ways I can encourage the friends without, of course, gathering together. The kids convention notebooks and other items I'm sure will help to bring a smile to their faces. I appreciate that your items are economically priced as well, helps me to stretch my money in order to do the most good. Thank you guys!” - Aurea

Over the years, the kids’ convention notebooks have been well-received. Adults love that they keep their children busy and focused on the convention. Further, they find them much easier to deal with than spending the money and ink to print out workbooks from home. You can download a free sample of the notebook here: Kids' convention workbook sample

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