Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Product Spotlight – All-In-One Preaching Folio & Universal Tablet Holder

Watch the videos and see why the
preaching folder + tablet holder
is our most popular item
Whether you're a publisher or regular pioneer, how you present yourself is key to a successful ministry. The importance of coming across as neat and organized cannot be overstated in this endeavor. Not only does a professional manner make you instantly more credible, but you will also find that your job is much easier when everything is readily at hand. At Ministry Ideaz, we strive to make your ministry goals more attainable and the All-In-One Preaching Folio, along with the Universal Tablet + Watchtower Folio, is the tool to help you do just that.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Scriptures to Inspire Thankfulness All Year Around

Four beautiful texts to inspire thankfulness all year round
November is a time that many choose to reflect on the countless blessings they have received from God and to give thanks for the joys that life in Jehovah’s service has to offer. Because it is important to offer thanks for God’s many blessings, we shouldn’t take for granted the guidance and forgiveness He offers us every day, all year around. Challenge yourself to show your appreciation every day. Reflecting on the following scriptures can help you remember the importance of always being thankful for Jehovah’s loving provisions.