Thursday, August 21, 2014

Product Spotlight: “Do-It-Yourself” New World Translation (2013) and Reasoning Book Combo

Ministry Ideaz has designed an efficient and economical solution for us Jehovah’s Witnesses to carry our New World Translation (NWT) Bible and a reasoning book as one unit. The “Do-It-Yourself” NWT Bible and Reasoning From the Scriptures Book Combo is made to secure the books together with a low-cost clear vinyl sleeve and then insert them into a wonderful leather or leatherette zip binder. By combining the Bible and reasoning book into one neat package, it becomes easy to transport and keep from daily wear and tear. This Bible and reasoning book combo is offered in two styles and two materials. Choose from a plain style binder with a beautiful front-stitch design or fancy style binder with a stitched outer pocket and an outer penholder for notes and records. The leatherette material is ideal, but for a reasonable increase, full-time ministers can carry beautiful, lasting leather in a variety of subtle colors to match the Ministry Ideaz briefcases, bags, and totes. Both NWT and reasoning book combo models include durable ribbon page markers and a made-to-last zipper with a tab for quick and easy binder closing and opening.

The total dimensions for the Bible and reasoning book binder are only 5.5 (14cm) inches across by 7.1 inches (18.5cm) high. The “Do-It-Yourself” New World Translation (2013) and Reasoning Book Combo set makes a perfect gift for our milestones as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ministry Ideaz provides a great video on the process for successfully joining your sacred books together. For best results, a hair dryer can be used to soften the vinyl sleeve in order to easily connect the books. Then, they slip into the leather or leatherette binder, with a zip close for added protection.

The five-star customer reviews for the NWT and reasoning book combo binder tell it all. Those who have ordered it love the feel of the material and the quality workmanship, along with the newly designed front pocket and penholder model. Order these high-quality compact binders at an affordable price for friends, family, and fellow witness ministers, and they will be pleased with the results. Ministry Ideaz is passionate about providing amazing products for Jehovah’s Witnesses of every age, helping people get organized for our ministry in Jehovah's service.


  1. I ordered a binder like this, but without the pen holder on the front. I tried using it but found that it was hard to turn the pages in the Bible and Reasoning book because the cover fit too tightly The zipper made it hard to use. Do you make a similar binder without the zipper that is open all around? I have friends that have leather binders for their Bible and Reasoning book that are open. They like their binders very much. Can I return the binder that I bought?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write. Sorry I cannot email you as you wrote an anonymous. I hope you see this. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with the size of your cover. Unfortunately no we do not carry a Bible reasoning book cover without the zipper. Please note that our handcrafted book and Bible covers are both sewn and glued for maximum durability. If you are have difficulties getting the publication to fit in the cover, please try this: Sometimes all you need to do is slip your fingers into the pocket and gently "unstick" some of the glue that may have seeped into where the book needs to be. I think you'll be very happy with the snug fit. On our prototypes for a larger (less snug, but easier-to-install) fit, we found the Bible to just flop around in there in ways we didn't want. :D Especially after it was a bit more broken in. Please watch this video for instructions for putting the cover on:
      I will be happy to send the replacement but before I do please try this little trick. If you would like to return the cover you need to contact support at this website: