Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It’s Cold Out There! Prepping for Winter: Tips to Keep Warm this season

Challenges that face pioneers are numerous, but they need not include discomfort in winter. With the, cell phone, water bottle, hat and gloves. Finding a way to stay warm when the snow falls and chill winds blow requires some creative thinking. Try these tips for staying warm.
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Start Moving
The tendency to hug yourself to get warm is the opposite of what you should do. Instead of standing in one place with your arms wrapped as tightly as possible, walk briskly and move your arms in large circles. Facilitating blood circulation warms you up almost immediately.

Layer With the Right Clothing
Each layer provides its own air cushion that helps keep you warm, but some materials are more effective than others. Closest to your skin, you need a layer of polyester/wool that fits snugly. For the middle layer, choose a fleece garment that traps your body heat. A top layer of a waterproof jacket that is breathable provides a guard against the elements and protects your core.

Use Eco-Friendly Hand Warmers
Battery-operated hand warmers are rechargeable up to 500 times, lasting for five hours each time. As an alternative, fill a small flannel bag with rice and microwave it for two minutes for an hour of warmth.

Wear Mittens
Keeping your fingers together in mittens generates more heat than separating them in gloves. You may not have as much dexterity when picking up small objects, but keeping your hands warm is more important.

Stay Hydrated
Dry weather draws moisture from your nose, throat and lips more than humid conditions do in the summer. You need to drink eight glasses of water every day, regardless of the season.

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  1. Another good innovative idea I got from a pioneer with years of service - a pair of tights (sox for the brothers), a plastic bag and another pair of tights/sox- will keep feet warm and dry.

    1. Brothers wear tights too, we just call them long johns so we can still be men ;)