Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Product Spotlight – Stylish Over-the-Shoulder Watchtower Magazine Tote & Messenger Bag

Hands free WT Magazine Tote
Leather over-the-shoulder Messenger Bag
for Jehovah’s Witnesses

The ability to create a sense of peace and calm when meeting someone gives you an advantage in your ministry. Our Hands-Free Watchtower Magazine Tote gives you access to everything that you need, letting you appear organized and at ease. First impressions can occur only one time, and your door-to-door ministry deserves the best.

Choosing a Practical and Stylish Tote

A genuine leather tote that has custom pockets to accommodate your books, papers and iPad or tablet offers conveniences that standard briefcases cannot match. Our designers created a beautiful work of art that complements any ensemble while providing a durable pouch. Fitting comfortably over your shoulder and resting on your opposite hip, this tote lets you instantly find the materials you need while you start your presentation.