Friday, April 10, 2020

Our Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles - Here's How They Are Made

Crosswords, gardening, needlepoint, crochet, and coloring... Which is your favorite pastime? How about a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle? With much of the world under lockdown and looking for something to pass the time, jigsaw puzzles have taken on new role: to save ourselves from boredom. The prime minister of Australia even referred to jigsaws as essential and allowed people to leave the house to buy them. Here at Ministry Ideaz, our paradise jigsaw puzzles are all the more essential, as they allow us to pass the time while focusing on Jehovah's beautiful promise that's just around the corner.

Each puzzle piece must be uniquely shaped, to avoid one accidentally fitting into the wrong place. That means 500 different shapes for a 500-piece puzzle, each drawn by hand by workers. Before a puzzle is cut for the first time, each piece is sketched on a sheet of paper draped over the finished image.

Pieces of metal are then shaped to form an elaborate cookie cutter made just for that jigsaw puzzle; it takes about four weeks to build one. The cutter can be used only a limited number of times before its edges are dulled and needs to be replaced.

Once the image is pasted onto cardboard and the pieces are designed, the cookie cutter is laid on top and 1,100 tons of pressure is applied.

Completed puzzle, all cut up

The bags get packed into boxes

All ready to ship
What is your favorite pastime? Have you had to opportunity to put together one of the Ministry Ideaz paradise puzzles? How long did it take to put it together? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. All the "fads" today are things I've been doing all my life. Crosswords, puzzles, gardening, needlepoint, crochet and yes coloring, not in the "adult" coloring books I buy the kid kind with stickers, games and large pictures :-) I would advise not to buy over a 500 piece puzzle if you have a short attention span...

  2. A friend and I each live alone, about 20 miles apart. We each ordered and worked on the same jigsaw. Gave us something to compare notes on, something to talk about. Of course she is done- I’m not. LOL

  3. Mahalo plenny fo da deets on how your puzzles are made. Mahalo also fo yoa time an effort to put dese puzzles togeddah.

  4. I love to do puzzles. These are not only pretty, but for 500 pieces they still provide the feeling you get when putting one together. The pieces are big enough that even little hands can help. A great way to pass the time and bring the family together.