Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Exciting New Assembly Workbooks

Our full-color assembly notebooks have exciting new features!

Even with the best intentions, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the assembly program - especially for the little ones. Young and old, we all want to pay attention and get the most out the Circuit Assembly program.

"Rejoice In Jehovah" Workbook

Parents face the same struggles. Therefore, we’re excited to announce our latest “Make Jehovah’s heart rejoice!” and “Rejoice in Jehovah!” notebooks with full-color illustrations throughout. These workbooks serve, not only as a way to help you in your job as an instructor (Deuteronomy 6:7), but also to help children stay immersed in every talk. The cute and colorful drawings are a sure to be a hit! We are confident that children of all ages will love it.

With each new project like this, we think: “How will this activity affect kids’ attention? Could this puzzle be intuitively related to the subject? Is it easy to solve? Is this illustration in keeping with the theme of the talk?” After the many hours of design, we hope you will agree with our assessment. Please comment in the notes below!

We made a little twist in this latest version. Each assembly has its own activity book. With prompts like “Time to apply” and “Time to think,” we hope the youngsters will think about what they learned - in line with the “knowledge check” at the end of each section. We hope these little details help you review the program as a family.

"Make Jehovah's Heart Rejoice" Workbook
Of course, our pre-teens will like the more challenging crosswords and “fill-in phrases,” which are a creative way to remember scriptures related to the talks. Even you parents may wish to complete your own copy! We don’t expect your children to complete every activity. If they don’t finish an activity during the assembly, they can use them as a review later on.

Toddlers will more easily pay attention thanks to the colorful illustrations on every page. What better way to involve their heart! For sure, they will feel the excitement of finding how many times a word is repeated in “The Listening Game” or spotting a good deed as they use their crayons or pencils to “make notes.” This workbook is not designed for small children who need to be kept busy with crossword puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, and activities that encourage them to look around for objects. The workbook’s material is all directly related to the assembly talks to help them follow along without distraction. 

The real success of the book is in how much our children walk away retaining from the program! Furthermore, the assembly activity book gets them to think about personal application. For example some activities feature: “Draw a scene where you are doing a good deed to an elderly brother or sister;” or “Circle the chores you helped your parents with before the assembly; if you didn’t help out, write when you plan to;” or “Draw a picture of yourself facing a difficult test to your faith. What scripture from the talk will help you?” and more. Now your children can see how the talk affects them personally!

Thanks to these creative notebooks, kids will cherish what they’ve learned - for weeks, months, or even years to come. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed producing them!

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