Monday, September 28, 2020

Having Fun in This Time of Physical Distancing

(note: Although we are using the term "physical distancing" in this blog article, some may be more familiar with the term "social distancing".)

Do you miss getting together with a group of friends and chatting or playing games in the family room? During quarantine, some of us experienced some isolation after a few months of physical distancing.  How can social connections help us cope with feelings of isolation? Connecting with friends is a great way to cope amidst this pandemic.

Have you experienced the benefits of giving your time as a Zoom-host? Organizing social gatherings by Zoom or other video conferencing apps can be stressful, especially when you are trying to think of games that your guest will enjoy. (Oh, and they have to work over a video call. So... maybe not Jenga.)

To help reduce the stress of planning, we put together a list of our top suggestions for spending time the friends.

Monday, September 14, 2020

How to make your cloth mask more protective

Cloth Masks and You

Are you wearing a mask daily? If you work out of the home or go out to buy groceries, you deserve to feel comfy and protected at the same time. With our cloth masks, you get both. Needless to say, our customs/habits have been re-examined when it comes to protecting each other's health and well-being - particularly when it comes to wearing cloth masks.

As Christians, we love and respect life, and we want to take part in the slowing of the spread of COVID-19. Hence, here are some suggestions we found to help protect yourself and those around you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Stay Organized with Bookmarks and Covers

 Stay On Track and Keep Your Book in Good Shape

Vinyl cover with metal corners

We understand that tidiness is important. Our vinyl covers will help you to protect your book from those little accidents that could happen with constant use: coffee or tea spills, sweat from hand … you name it.

Are you excited about starting a new congregation Bible study program? We're sure you are! And if you got our "Pure Worship of Jehovah – Restored at last!" vinyl covers, you might feel like a child ready to start a new school year.

Protective Clear Vinyl Covers for You

vinyl cover with colored trim

We designed two styles: a classy finish with metal corners, or something more contemporary with 7 different colors of trims. Since they are made with clear vinyl you can easily distinguish your book from all the other books on your shelf. With this affordable slip-on cover, you can even tuck your notes inside the pockets.

If you love handcrafted goods or you know someone who does, our beautiful covers make wonderful gifts – hand-sewn with increased durability.

Beautiful Bookmarks to Keep Your Place

If you prefer the touch of paper and do a lot of hand-writing, likely you make hand-written notes to keep track of things. Perhaps you organize your routine with a list. If so, you will love our bookmarks! The bookmarks not only physically mark your place in the book, but they each have space on the back to copy down the study schedule for “Pure Worship of Jehovah – Restored at last!”

Have you thought of buying bookmarks and covers? In these times of resilience, seeing the pictures from nature printed in our “Pure Worship” bookmarks will help boost your energy. We hope the artwork helps you to feel calm and relaxed to enjoy the study program. Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram page which photo you like best. We love to hear from you and your experiences with our products!