Sunday, May 30, 2021

“Powerful By Faith” Convention Activity Books for kids and youths - 2 months in the making!

Secular “ready-made” Bible activities will invariably have unscriptural details. By contrast, the 2021 “Powerful by Faith” activity workbooks by Ministry Ideaz were designed from the ground up. And with 53 talks and parts on the convention program, making a variety of activities and puzzles for a variety of age groups was a monumental task. 

Before we even started with the graphics work, nearly 200 hours of brainstorming, research and planning were done using tools that included the Insight books and JW Library app. The final product is the result of 11 helpers from 3 continents to come up with scripturally accurate activities that are in line with each talk being given. With the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘shelter in places’ orders in place, this entire concept and planning phase was done collaboratively using tools such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘realtime Google Document Collaboration.’ Eventually, we had 128 pages in rough text of how the activities will be. 

After the research, concept and planning were finished, it took another 200+ hours to do the graphics design work and 30+ hours to proofread everything for accuracy. Real live parents and kids fielded the product before it was finally approved for printing.