Monday, February 13, 2023

School Supplies for Your Pioneer Friends

The most important preparation that a pioneer can do is to set their phone to "do not disturb" and take time to study and meditate on the material and references in their textbook.

If you know a brother or sister attending pioneer school for the first time, perhaps you are planning on getting a gift for them. Help them prepare with useful tools or get fun keepsakes. Ministry Ideaz has compiled a selection of pioneer school supplies to help.

Gifts for pioneer school

Who do you know that is attending pioneer school this year? Help them out with these "back to school" essentials and gift ideas.

A Notebook for Pioneer School

We can all agree that it's impossible to remember everything. But, how valuable are notes if you can't find them later? The "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry" Notebook is designed to help pioneers keep their notes organized and tidy.

We are confident that this notebook will make a beautiful gift to help a pioneer remember their favorite points and easily review them again and again. These pioneer school notebooks feature a sturdy hardcover and spiral binding for easy handling and note-taking — even right on your lap if necessary! Available in two beautiful cover options and with pages organized specifically for the school, the pioneers will appreciate this valuble note-taking tool.

Special sections for:

  • Notes: put unit notes here;
  • Things to Remember: for special notes to look back on later;
  • Ministry Tips: markdown tips for the ministry;
  • Goals: put new goals in writing;
  • Homework: note about further research to do later.

At the end of the notebook, there are two additional sections:

  • New Friends: write down the contact details of all the new friends made at pioneer school.
  • Autographs and Farewell Messages: for a yearbook style book signing.

Covers for the "Fully Accomplish Your Ministry" Textbook

Attending the pioneer school is a wonderful experience. New friends are made, skills are refined, and it's fun. A cover is a perfect way to preserve those memories and preserve the pioneer school textbook at the same time.

Choose a soft and elegant leather cover (not cheap 'bonded' leather) or the more economically-price leatherette book covers. You will even have the option to add a zipper for more protection. (Learn about our leather.)

If you want a budget-friendly option with a nice look, the clear vinyl cover is a perfect choice. It protects the pioneer school book without hiding the front cover. The cover's metal corners give it a touch of elegance too.

More Gift Ideas

Even the little things can have a big impact on someone's day. Small gifts like encouraging fridge magnets are perfect if you need gifts for many pioneers. They can be placed on the fridge for a daily reminder.

Other ideas include homemade cookies, chocolates, tea, hot cocoa, or maybe even granola bars. Who doesn't love goodies? Small treats like these are perfect snacks for study time. Why not combine snacks with a magnet for the fridge?

Ministry Ideaz provides a wide variety of service supplies and gifts! Visit our website for the complete selection of pioneer school gifts.

Have you attended the pioneer school? Do you have the goal of attending soon? Tell us in the comments below.

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