Thursday, December 18, 2014

Product Spotlight – 2015 Yeartext Pen + Stylus + USB Flash Memory Stick

 The 2015 Yeartext Pen + Stylus + USB
is one of our favorite new products
There is a lot that goes into being a pioneer of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At Ministry Ideaz, our job is to minimize the amount of items you need to juggle in order to properly fulfill your service to Jehovah. That is precisely why the 2015 Yeartext Pen + Stylus + USB Flash Memory Stick is one of our favorite new products. It’s efficient and helps to consolidate three items into one, leaving you with much less to juggle. Read on to learn more about this convenient new gadget that makes the work of a Jehovah’s Witness pioneer a little bit easier.

No doubt you have already incorporated a smart tablet into your ministry work. A stylus is therefore an indispensable tool. Rather than trying to key in notes and important information while on the go at the risk of your OS auto “correcting” you, you can simply jot things down on the tablet. Have you contacted someone in the public witnessing work that wishes to have a follow-up visit? You need to fill out the "please visit" form the tried and true way! No worries. Just flip your stylus over and you’ve got a pen now. Having a pen on you also comes in handy when it comes time to record your service report at the end of the day.

A USB flash drive like this one also comes in handy for storing valuable info. It might not seem like a necessity when you’re using a tablet, but it never hurts to have documents backed up in more than one place in the event that one of your devices is lost or damaged – don’t be the person who has to learn this lesson the hard way.

Of course, there is one more vital function this USB pen drive serves and that is providing an inspirational reminder of why we do what we do in case we are ever discouraged. The pen is engraved with the 2015 yeartext:

“Give thanks to Jehovah, for he is good.”
-Psalm 106:1

Learn more about the features of this engraved pen with USB flash drive at Ministry Ideaz!

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