Thursday, June 25, 2015

Benefits of Reading to Toddlers

Photo Credit: Big Eyes Photography
As a parent, you take it upon yourself to teach your child about the various aspects of life, helping to guide them on a path that will prepare them in making important life decisions. Children are especially impressionable at a young age, and by exposing your toddler to Bible truth as early as possible, the stories and Bible values become an invaluable part of their growth, allowing them to start to notice evidence of the Bible’s teachings in everyday life. Reading in general has many positive effects, and reading the Bible to your children is not only a powerful tool in spiritual development, but is also a pivotal part of strengthening the bond between you, your child and your faith.

Children not only have the capacity to absorb a lot of information when they’re young, but they are also very trusting by nature, allowing them to be molded and take in the teachings of the Bible more easily. These years are ideal for instilling basic Bible facts and stories. Even just 10 minutes of reading a day can make a huge impact, exposing your child to the Jehovah’s word and allowing him or her to look at every day in the light of the Bible. Instead of developing a self-centered outlook of the world, daily exposure will give your child a spiritual view, guiding the youngster to act positively in all aspects of life.

Children are also very inquisitive and like to know the reasons why things happen the way that they do. In engaging in routine Bible study, your child will not only learn the origins of God’s wisdom, but will also be encouraged to consider their own questions about existence and spirituality as they work to apply the Bible to their own lives. With a better grasp on God’s word, it will be easier for your child to turn to their own godly understanding when faced with a challenge.

Aside from sharing the value of the Bible’s teachings and facilitating the spiritual development of your children, reading itself helps open up channels of communication between you and your child, strengthening your relationship as you share so many aspects of faith. As you read, your child will develop listening skills, helping him or her better process information and feel more confident in asking questions.

In understanding the Bible’s stories, your child will be able to develop a better sense of self, becoming more accountable for his or her actions as a life guided by the teachings of God’s word is pursued. Instead of viewing the world selfishly, children will learn to turn to more spiritually-minded role models and examples that are more representative of the scriptural view presented in the Bible.

Reading to your children is an immensely valuable opportunity and is the perfect way to not only bond with your children and improve their communication skills, but to also take the time to teach them about the inspiring teachings of the Bible. It’s never too early to start exposing your child to the Bible’s stories, so be sure to check out the 0 to 3 year old Just for KIDS section at Ministry Ideaz for great ways to begin your child’s journey and great gifts for expecting families!


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