Thursday, August 27, 2015

Product Spotlight - 2016 Circuit Assembly Notebooks “Imitate Jehovah!” and “Imitate Their Faith!”

The next set of circuit assemblies are just around the corner. Weren't you excited when the two new themes were announced?: “Imitate Jehovah!” and “Imitate Their Faith!”
“Imitate Jehovah!” and  “Imitate Their Faith!”Are you ready to take in all of the information that you are exposed to: lessons, thoughts and experiences that will help you better understand your place in Jehovah's purpose? This will help to strengthen your faith. This week we invite you to check out our Jehovah’s Witnesses Assembly notebooks and that are perfect for keeping track of all the important information you or your son or daughter learn during the 2015-2016 “Imitate Jehovah!” and “Imitate Their Faith!” Circuit Assemblies of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Choose a soft cover design, or enjoy easy spiral binding that lies flat and turns easy. At Ministry Ideaz, there is something special for everyone in the family including the children, and these assembly notebooks are simply ideal.