Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kids Notebooks – Help your Children Pay Attention at the Meetings

Our young ones are so precious. As a father myself, I’m always looking for ways to help my boys get the most of the Christian meetings, assemblies, and conventions.

One of the biggest fears of any Witness parent is of the kids making a terrible racket all throughout the meeting and totally disrupting everyone else. (Ask me how; I know.)

I’ve seen other parents bring in toys and coloring books and a million other distractions, but I wonder if they are soaking up any of the actual teaching that is going on at the meeting. We know we want to worship as a family, but at times we don’t seem to be very good at it.

Some time ago at a regional convention, I happened to glance over at another family’s well-behaved children and realized they were all sitting there with some sort of worksheet and a pen, listening quite intently to all that was going on. Curiosity got the better of me, and after the program, I casually walked over to where they had been sitting to sneak a peek at what had been captivating their interest. The worksheets contained a list of hand-written “theocratic” words, and the children were putting tally marks next to each of the words as they heard them during the talks.


So, with the help of my talented sister Carrie (a single mom of three), we came up with something that I want to share with you! We call it the “My Meeting Treasures Ministry Meeting Workbook Companion.” Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or just a friend at the Hall, consider getting these handsome notebooks for the beautiful children around you!

Each set of ring-bound pages has individual sections for drawing pictures of the weekly Bible reading, a place to record their favorite scriptures (or “spiritual gems”) for the week and an area for “my notes and answers.” The opposite page has similar sections for the Sunday meeting, and for drawing pictures of the theme at hand. The notebook is ring-bound at the top and slightly larger than the Meeting Workbook. There are 52 pages for all the meetings of the year, plus some extra sheets “just in case.” This kid’s meeting notebook works like a steno pad and opens from bottom to top (the coil-binding is at the top). Pair it with a cute set of animal yeartext pens for kids, and they’ll be all set! Or save by getting the 2017 meeting bundle for kids. (Also available in Spanish.)

Don’t ever feel like you wish you would have just stayed at home. The meetings are so important for the kids, and every time you bring your children, you are teaching them valuable lessons that will stay with them for life. Stay tuned for a future blog when we consider: “Seven Ways to Help Little Ones Behave at the Kingdom Hall.”

Do you have kids? What tips do you have for helping them to behave at the meetings? Please let us know in the comments below and we might use your suggestions in our next blog!


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work. Teaching our children is such an important job. These are beautiful!

  2. When our children were little (4-6 yrs), we would give them their own WT at the meeting with the names Jehovah and Jesus underlined once at the beginning of the article we were studying that day. They would then look for the rest of the occurrences of those names throughout the article and underline them. Since they always liked to have whatever publication we were studying, and watched us write notes of comments we heard during the meetings, they felt they too were "participating".

  3. I can't wait until my Grandson grows a little more, (he's only 9 months old ) Your products are so good for ,not just our spiritual health, but our young ones also. Such good training tools for when they are growing up

  4. I would really like one of these for my 2 year old I have been haveing trouble keeping her seated at the hall and she has learned to scream so I have had to be outside for most of the meetings it's very hard and been stressful because I haven't been able to get a lot out of the talks