Thursday, August 30, 2018

What's in Your Organizer?

What's in Your Blog?

Did you ever use a memory technique to remind you of an important task? Perhaps you tied a string around your finger, or wrote yourself a sticky note and posted it where it in a visible place. Now you can even talk to your cell phone and if with set a reminder for you. With a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep track of everything. While we all try our best to stay organized there are many methods and tools that can help!

Ministry Ideaz has many useful tools to help you in the new service year - from organizers and planners to notebooks and pens - and lots of ideaz 😉 to help along the way!

2018-2019 Pocket Planner

1. The Pocket Planner

If you like to see things laid out in front of you on pen and paper, but want a planner that's compact, a pocket-sized planner might be the way to go. A planner like the 2018-2019 Monthly Planner is available in two slim, small sizes.  It's ideal to make a note of your service time and placements for the month and keep track of when you made return visits. With bonus pages in the back, make particular note of important dates or special plans during a C.O.s visit.

Add a reusable vinyl cover and keep it in tip-top shape for the whole 16-months.

2. The Theocratic Organizer

Theocratic Organizer
An all-in-one. Keep track of it all with 6 sections of refillable pages - Monthly pages, RV notes, magazine route, Bible study notes, and more! The benefit of a 3-ringed binder is that it's customizable. Use all the sections or just a few. Add your own accessories! Perhaps a few handy sticky notes or sticky bookmarks. Slip your loose pages or contact cards into the inside pockets. Use your favorite pen with the convenient elastic holder. Binders have loads of possibilities! And, if you decide to switch things up (move notes around) all you need do, is open the rings. 

Ministry Ideaz's Theocratic Organizer is designed to help, well, keep you organized. For RVs, it helps remind you to make a note of the easy-to-forget-details - so that you're prepared for the next visit.

3. Digital 

For the tech-savvy, perhaps you prefer your phone. There are hundreds of calendar apps out there, but whichever platform or app you use, it's important to remember to check your calendar. If you have an important appointment, don't forget to set an alert. That way you won't miss it! If you are particularly forgetful - or just really busy - a digital calendar can be very rewarding. Use a reminders app to keep things in order. You can set a reminder for pretty much anything you might forget.

Did we forget one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! Perhaps you prefer a wall-calendar, a weekly planner, or a combination of ideas.

Helpful accessories:

Field Service Record Sticky
Whatever your preferred planner, you can add flair and fun, with useful accessories. Sticky notes can do wonders! They are handy additions to anyone's bag and are very versatile. You can leave them as notes for others or make a note for yourself. At Ministry Ideaz we make some specialized sticky notes for return visits, bible studies, or to keep track of your field service.

Use colorful sticky notes along with highlighters to color code your organizer. Pick a different color for a different kind of note or appointment. Make it easier to tell with a glance what's in your schedule.

What are your favorite organization accessories? Let us know in the comments!

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