Monday, September 28, 2020

Having Fun in This Time of Physical Distancing

(note: Although we are using the term "physical distancing" in this blog article, some may be more familiar with the term "social distancing".)

Do you miss getting together with a group of friends and chatting or playing games in the family room? During quarantine, some of us experienced some isolation after a few months of physical distancing.  How can social connections help us cope with feelings of isolation? Connecting with friends is a great way to cope amidst this pandemic.

Have you experienced the benefits of giving your time as a Zoom-host? Organizing social gatherings by Zoom or other video conferencing apps can be stressful, especially when you are trying to think of games that your guest will enjoy. (Oh, and they have to work over a video call. So... maybe not Jenga.)

To help reduce the stress of planning, we put together a list of our top suggestions for spending time the friends.

  • Host a movie night! Perhaps there is a video drama from a past convention that you can all watch together and then discuss.
  • Go on a virtual Bible tour with a friend and follow along as an authorized brother or sister guides you through your "destination".
  • Organize a virtual music night. We know some video conferencing programs (like Zoom) don't work too well for singing together. This does not mean your efforts are in vain! Take turns singing or playing your favorite instrument. This will still be a great encouragement for everyone.
    • Tip: if Zoom is cutting off your singing or instrumentals try this: go into "audio settings", click "advanced", disable all audio processing. Be sure to reset this at the end of the night. (Other popular video conferencing apps may also have processing that is confused by music.)
  • Order delivery from the same place as your friends and enjoy your meal together. Try imagining that you are sitting at the same table. Or make a "live" cooking class with everyone in their kitchens!
  • Get some exercise together. Perhaps you can chat with a friend over the phone while on your daily walk - just remember to watch where you are going.
  • Host a virtual games night!

accurate knowledge game

Read what others have told us about their games night:

Since we have been staying home during this time, I have been thinking of ways to do more virtually with the friends and I came across the digital games on the [Ministry Ideaz] website and thought that would be a perfect way to get people together on Zoom. It's always nice to test your spiritual knowledge in a fun way and it gives you a great opportunity to encourage one another right now. I look forward to playing these with my family and friends. - Maresa

Wanted to tell you I ordered the computer games awhile back and we've done several zoom events hosting the games - they have been a hit! And have made the quarantine a little easier to handle. One recommendation is the "jeopordy"one would be great if we had a "child version" for young ones. Anyway - love you brothers & sisters! Keep up the good work and will meet you in the paradise! - Sharon B.

Good wholesome fun. The friends love it when I bring it to game night. When I get a wrong answer, I research the correct answer in the scriptures. This helps me to improve my research skills. Thank you. I love it! - Lynnette

Did you know we had games? Choose from trivia, a drag-and-drop puzzler, or flashcards - better yet get a complete set of 5 programs for more savings. The trivia game is tons of fun to play over zoom! Have you tried any of them?

Don't forget: your efforts go a long way. By giving of your time, you are helping each other cope.

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