Friday, February 19, 2021

5 Reasons Why Family Games Are So Important

You may be asking yourself, “So, what’s so great about card games?” Or, “Aren’t card games the dull thing you do when you don’t know what else to do?”

Hopefully, this post will help answer the above questions and provide you with some great reasons to start playing. Here are our top 5 reasons for using card games to start the Table Age Revolution:

1) Card Games Create Space to Reclaim Relationships

Card games create a space to connect with family and friends around the table instead of in front of a screen. It’s an activity where you get to laugh, play, talk, and be face-to-face with each other. We spend enough time facing a screen. Card games provide a positive outlet and fun alternative to the TV, tablet, and phone. Games are also excellent for parties or just about any gathering. Start
reclaiming your relationships with a fun game!

2) Card Games Promote Teamwork and Sportsmanship

There are many different types of card games, and one of our favorite types is cooperative games. Co-op games encourage you and your group to play together to win. With “Pioneering - The Card Game” by Ministry Ideaz, you can do just that!

3) Card Games are Educational

You can learn a lot from board games. The game “Pioneering - The Card Game” by Ministry Ideaz helps you memorize key scriptures we use in the ministry, while you work together. Card games also teach critical thinking, planning ahead, and strategy.

4) Card Games are Economical

Think about it. How much would you spend going to the movies with your family and friends? If you have a family of 4 and the tickets cost $9 per person and you buy popcorn and a drink to share for $9, that’s $45 for 1½ to 2 hours with your family looking at a screen. Many card games cost much less than that and take an hour or so to play. And you can play as many times as you want while connecting with each other.

5) Card Games are Super Fun

‘Nuff said! But, we'll say more. There is a game or games out there for everyone. If you haven’t found one that you like, keep looking. Let us know in the comments what you’re favorite board game is.

Ok, enough reading your screen. Go grab a game, gather your friends and get the Table Age revolution going.

The Pioneering Card Game

Ministry Ideaz Pioneering GameFrom its headquarters in Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz offers a range of software, stationery, and activities.

With scriptures from the New World Translation, Pioneering - The Card Game offers players the opportunity to learn while having fun. When playing, families learn more Bible verses while bonding.

The game features 65 unique “return visit cards” that each feature a scripture used in the ministry. Everyone can work together as though in service, to help “Return Visits” become “bible studies” and progress to baptism. Perfect for up to 6 players.

(Adapted from our previous post of April 4, 2017.)

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