Sunday, May 30, 2021

“Powerful By Faith” Convention Activity Books for kids and youths - 2 months in the making!

Secular “ready-made” Bible activities will invariably have unscriptural details. By contrast, the 2021 “Powerful by Faith” activity workbooks by Ministry Ideaz were designed from the ground up. And with 53 talks and parts on the convention program, making a variety of activities and puzzles for a variety of age groups was a monumental task. 

Before we even started with the graphics work, nearly 200 hours of brainstorming, research and planning were done using tools that included the Insight books and JW Library app. The final product is the result of 11 helpers from 3 continents to come up with scripturally accurate activities that are in line with each talk being given. With the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘shelter in places’ orders in place, this entire concept and planning phase was done collaboratively using tools such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘realtime Google Document Collaboration.’ Eventually, we had 128 pages in rough text of how the activities will be. 

After the research, concept and planning were finished, it took another 200+ hours to do the graphics design work and 30+ hours to proofread everything for accuracy. Real live parents and kids fielded the product before it was finally approved for printing.

The final product is in full color with lots of fun details that the kids and tweens will love. We guarantee they’re going to love it. 

Usually, a project of this magnitude would have taken a year or more to complete, but we only had a couple of months. So, it's been a big job with some of us often working long into the night to have it ready in plenty of time for the convention. 

Features of the 2021 Regional Convention Kids’ Activity Book:

Designed for children between the ages of three and 13, the 2020 workbook consists of 112 pages of listening games for convention talks, crosswords, mazes, puzzles, as well as the key feature: “Time to Apply” exercises. In total, the workbook features 291 different exercises and activities for kids of varying ages to enjoy during the 2021 Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful By Faith” Regional convention.

While the convention notebook for kids includes plenty of fun activities, the goal is to help children learn and pay attention to the convention. To that end, each talk has two full pages of activities that keep children engaged and immersed in the content, and all of the activities encourage kids to listen carefully to the talk at hand. Thanks to this focus, the workbook will not distract children from the convention.

By the numbers:



Complete the text




Listening Game


Time to Apply




Fill in the blanks




Word Search




Letter Tiles


Break the Code


Scrambled Letters Secret Message


Hidden Message, Word Search Style




Find Hidden Items


Fallen Phrase


Circle the correct answer


Match the correct answer




Spot the differences






All throughout the process, our focus has been: “What are the kids and tweens going to get out of the program?” To that end, besides the many sections for taking notes, there are also a total of 46 different Time To Apply boxes to help the child to reflect. Here is a small sample of these 46 boxes:
  • What I'm going to do to strengthen my faith
  • What I'm going to tell my classmates when they talk about evolution at school
  • How I'm going to use my whole soul to serve Jehovah
  • How I can encourage my friends who don't have a mom or dad
  • Goals I need to fulfill so that I can attend the School for Kingdom Evangelizers
  • How much of my allowance I'm going to contribute
  • Ways I want to imitate Sarah's faith
  • What I look forward to doing in paradise
  • + 38 others 

Here's what others have said: 

“Great notebooks for kids!! These are amazing activity books for kids. They keep them interested during the convention. We have ordered these every year for the past 6 years and will continue to purchase them.” - Kelissa E.

“Best convention notebook I’ve seen! I have a nine-year old son and this notebook has been great for him. There are easier activities for him and also more challenging ones, but all on the theme of the convention talks. Great job on this notebook!”  Lacee D

“I have been using convention workbooks for my immediate and extended family. I love the books, the children's version keeps my son focused and busy. Continue to keep up the excellent work and quality.”  Lisa

Made an excellent gift for many families! It has been so nice for the kids, fits all age ranges. I gifted several and the parents are telling how much their kids are enjoying it! Thanks again very much!” - Erika M.

Over the years, the kids’ convention notebooks have been well-received. Adults love that they keep their children busy and focused on the convention. Further, they find them much easier to deal with then spending the money and ink to print out workbooks from home. You can download a free sample of the notebook here: Kids’ convention workbook sample

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  1. I love the kids convention work book and also the other books for meeting nights and the ministry for mid-week meeting. They are very colorful. Very helpful and to get the kids to feel like they are part of the meetings. Thank you so much. Jehovah organization is so beautiful and we are so blessed to be part of his organization. So again thank you brothers and sisters. Signed Charlotte Hoskins