Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What's your schedule like? 5 ways to schedule your day.

5 Scheduler and Calendar Options

What day is it? Have you found yourself asking that question? These past 2 years have been extra challenging for keeping track of time. Keep track of the day, your appointments, and more. Did you order a new calendar? If you forgot, it's not too late. Here are 5 options to help you stay on track.

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Wall calendar

1. 2022 Wall Calendar

Are you a big-picture person? Well, you will love the pictures in this beautiful wall calendar. You will also appreciate the ability to see your whole month in one glance. Ideal for keeping track of what day it is or making notes of family appointments. Games night on Friday? Make note of it for the whole family! Circuit Overseer visit coming? Mark it on the calendar.

Desk calendar

2. Desk Calendar

If you have a desk job or a favorite study spot, a desk calendar is a great way to add both encouragement and organization to your space. Ministry Ideaz desk calendars include the Bible reading schedule to keep you on track and cute encouraging sayings. Plus, much more.

If you have a particularly busy schedule, a personal planner is probably a good idea. In addition to wall and desk calendars, here at Ministry Ideaz, we supply options for planners and agendas. Here a few to consider.

weekly agenda

3. 2022 "My Life Book" Weekly Agenda

If you have a very busy schedule or want to keep track of everything, this weekly agenda affords plenty of space. Each week spans two pages for plenty of space to note your daily to-dos, appointments, or service plans. Get an overview of each month with a monthly calendar. As with all our calendars, find fun little sayings and keep up-to-date with your weekly Bible reading schedule.

Includes a spot to track your monthly service report!

ministry scheduler

4. 2022 "My Ministry Scheduler"

This compact scheduler is great for keeping track of your weekly service schedule and other appointments and events. Slip it into your purse, service bag, or suit pocket and have your planner everywhere. For a compact design, it packs plenty of features and space for the more important things. From Return visits to your favorite scriptures, everything has a place in the "My Ministry Scheduler".

Includes a spot to track your monthly service report!

pocket planner

5. 2022 Pocket Planner

The most compact planner at Ministry Ideaz is the Pocket Planner. Available in two small sizes, this planner is perfect if you prefer to keep things simple. Includes monthly calendars, weekly Bible reading schedule, and more. One of Ministry Ideaz' most popular planners! Protect it with an optional vinyl cover.

Includes a spot to track your monthly service report! Available in Spanish too!

What is your favorite feature in a calendar or planner? What makes your day-to-day simpler? Let us know in the comments!

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