Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Product Spotlight – The Sophia Bag Preaching Tote for Girls

The Sophia Preaching Bag

Have you seen the Ministry Ideaz’s Sophia Bag preaching tote for girls? As little girls usually aspire to be like their mothers, this girl’s leatherette briefcase can help them dress up like their mothers. It is also a way of helping them start their ministry at a young age. They can carry the little sling briefcase when they walk beside their parents while out in service.

Well-constructed with a robust nylon zipper, the Sophia Bag comes with a cushioned strap. The main compartment can hold the Bible, a tablet, Watchtower and Awake! magazines, a notebook, and has an interior pocket with a zipper for contributions. It also features an exterior pocket for small accessories. Old world techniques were used to handcraft this girl’s tote, which takes over two hours of manual labor to manufacture. It features selected high-grade materials that will not begin to fracture after a few months. This tote isn’t built to sit on the shelf as a decoration. You’ll be using it every day, and it will last you years to come. The leatherette exterior is easy to wipe clean, to stay presentable in your daughter’s most important work.

The briefcase can hold the needed preaching materials. It is an ideal item for daughters and granddaughters, as well as nieces. Read the dozens of 5-star reviews at this link. Here are a few examples:

Cheryl B. calls it “Awesomely amazing” and says:
I am really enjoying my new Sophia bag with its matching bible cover. It’s so catchy. I even purchased covers for my friend and another for myself. My daughter is enjoying her bag. She can’t wait to fill up her bag for field service.

Jen says: “My 11-year-old daughter LOVES her Sophia Bag!” and continues:
The Sophia Bag is the perfect size bag for my 11-year-old girl. She chose the lavender purple, and the color is beautiful! Her service items (Bible, magazines, and tract holder) fit perfectly. Thank you so much for supplying such great theocratic tools!

Kasia G. says: “We love, love, love this bag!” and then adds:
We have received so many comments on it as well. Everyone recognizes it as the Sophia bag too. I am always sure to let them know where we bought it and the story behind your company. It is so wonderful to help our fellow brothers and sisters. I enjoy your posts on Facebook too. Thank you. Sending love to our spiritual family!

Based in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz continues to provide thoughtful and practical yet fashionable items for Jehovah's Witnesses around the world. Click here to learn more about how we got started.

Preaching tote for girls


  1. Can this Awesome Tote serve any other purpose.......let's say as an example, can it double as a Meeting Bag Tote Bag to hold one's Meeting supplies, for a child that is.

    1. Yes! This is indeed a very multipurpose bag. And as you can see from our website, even a lot of mom and grammas use it too! ;-)