Monday, January 8, 2018

User-friendly Design: Recognizing the Importance of Ergonomics in your Ministry Tools

The word ergonomics comes from two Greek words: “ergo”, which means “work”, and “nomos”, which means “laws.” Ergonomics is the science, focused of the characteristics of human fit, that studies the relationship of people with the tools they use and the spaces they live in; in particular, trying to identify the possible solutions to fatigue and discomfort within product design.

The Ergonomic Hands-Free Watchtower Magazine Tote

Among Ministry Ideaz’ more popular items is the hands-free Watchtower Magazine tote, which features an ergonomic design that comfortably distributes weight carried through an adjustable shoulder strap.

Far more accommodating than the typical briefcase or handbag, the tote offers hands-free portability when engaged in ministry activities that require multiple activities, from using a tablet to leafing through pages of the Bible.

One customer named Gwen values the way in which the tote’s shoulder strap has solved her persistent back issues, and the versatility the tote provides when she engages with people and takes down notes. The satchel is one that meets her specific on-the-go needs when undertaking campaign work.

Another user, Pete, lauds the service bag’s carefully thought out design. His Bible compartment also accommodates the Reasoning book, while he finds a middle compartment ideal for the Bible Teach book as well as smaller items such as hand sanitizer. At the same time, the secure back-of-the-case pocket provides easy access to his tablet.

Family owned and operated, Ministry Ideaz is based in Quito, Ecuador, and offers Jehovah’s Witnesses a full range of handcrafted products, from leather book covers to ministry supply bags. Our ergonomic ministry supplies can be purchased both online and at our store: 2412 NY-52, Pine Bush, NY 12566, USA

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  1. I own one of these and use it for service and love it. I walk with a cane and it's nice having it close to my body and not swinging all over the place. I have had hopes of buying one for my wife when possible.