Monday, February 11, 2019

Product Spotlight: Just for the Kids

Meeting and Ministry Supplies Just for the Kids

Can you hear it? The "crunch, crunch, creek" of snow under your child's feet as they search under the snow for the perfect rocks. They carefully place the smooth stones on the newly made snowman and turn to you and ask for a carrot nose. Perhaps when you think of snow, you think "brrr, cold. Where's my snow shovel?" But for many children, the first snowfall brings shivers of excitement, not memories of chilly weather. 

Kids love to have fun and love it, even more, when mom or dad take the time to play with them - even if that means braving the ice cold. In the same way that a little fun makes snow more enjoyable, things like chores, studying and other activities can also become more enjoyable and exciting when kids feel involved and are having fun. However, sometimes finding supplies that are kid-size is a little difficult. 

Bags and Cases

At Ministry Ideaz we recognize the challenge of finding suitable supplies for kids and offer a variety of kid-friendly items. A full-size briefcase is probably not going to work for a toddler. Instead look for smaller bags that will be easy to carry for little ones.

Toddler Size CaseFor Boys

Consider either the "Charlie" Bag - a simple design just the right size for children - or this adorable toddler briefcase (shown on to right). This toddler's case is designed to be a child-size version of a standard soft-sided briefcase. Not only can your child have something just-their-size (at only 1 lb), but can also be just like daddy with a bag that matches his. If your child is older, check out the larger version, the "Caleb Case", designed for children aged 5-13.
Matching bags for the kids

For Girls

Enter bright fun colors! For little ones, try the Little Girl's Ministry Tote. This simple bag reflects the design of the boy's "Charlie" bag, but with fun colors like pink, lime green, turquoise, and lil
Sophia Bag for kids and moms
Sophia Bag
. Also available is the imaginative 'Lil Anna Bag. This bag brings to mind an almost cartoon style - also available in a variety of colors.

For the older girls and moms alike, the Sophia bag may be just right. This ministry bag is a bit big for toddlers, but it perfect for the "big kids" who can carry a little more. With enough room for all your meeting supplies, this bag is great for all ages and moms like it too. Get your favorite color for your own unique style.

More Supplies

Now that your child has their own bag, they get to pack it with their meeting supplies. What is your child's favorite publication? Do they have a notebook and a pen? If they are prepared, they are more likely to feel involved and able to participate.

If you are looking for add-on items for your order, consider specialty items for the kids - meeting notebooks, or fun pens and pencils. Even these items are designed to appeal to their imaginative young minds. 
Sophia Pen and Caleb Teddy Bear
Fun Butterfly Pens

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