Thursday, May 2, 2019

"Love Never Fails" International Convention Supplies

"Love Never Fails" International Convention Supplies

This year many have the exciting opportunity to attend the "Love Never Fails" Convention at one of the 24 international locations. If you happen to be a international convention delegate, I'm sure you are busy finalizing your plans, making a packing-list, and preparing you itinerary with eager excitement. 

If convention gifts are on your packing list, we have many options available.

2019 Convention Postcards

Magnets and Postcards

Small enough to fit in a suitcase, magnets and postcards make great little gifts and keepsakes to give the new friends you make. Each of the 24 conventions each have there own unique design, featuring the local language of the host country.

2019 Convention PensFun Convention pens

For the young and young at heart. These convention pens are sure to add an extra bit of fun to your note taking and adorable gifts for your friends (old and new). Better yet, they work on paper and tablets. Also available is the combo pen + highlighter + stylus.


Notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks. With a special design for each convention location (Atlanta sold out) you can get a unique keepsake to remember this exciting occasion. As always, the talk titles are pre-written for your convenience. Extra pages are included in the back.

2019 Convention Supplies

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