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5+ Exciting New Features of the Kids' Assembly Workbooks

2021/2022 Assembly Workbooks

Have you seen the new assembly workbooks for the "Exercise Faith" and "Strengthen Your Faith" Assemblies? Young and old, we all want to pay close attention to the assembly program so that we can get the most out of it. Last year, we were excited to release new, full-color designs of our assembly notebooks. Now we are excited to tell you about even more new features! As always, these circuit assembly workbooks are designed to be a helpful aid, not a distraction.

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New Features in 5 New Sections

In addition to the fun activities to help your child follow along with each talk, we now have 5 new sections that we are sure you will love!

  1. Activities to do during the musical prelude;
  2. Activities to do during lunch and the afternoon musical interlude;
  3. Family Worship section - for review after the assembly;
  4. Achievements and grading;
  5. Screen-free fun.

Let us tell you more about some of our favorite new features and some returning features from last year. 

Favorite Features

Achievements and grading

Achievement examples

Have you ever played a game with "achievements" or "advancements"? Usually, the purpose is to give you an extra goal in addition to the regular game-play. They are not necessary, just a fun challenge. 

Inspired by this format that some children are already familiar with, we added some fun "achievements" to help kids set goals for the assembly program. Some examples include:

  • Iron lungs: Sing all the Kingdom songs at the top of your lungs.
  • Sharky: Just like a shark, don't fall asleep during any talk.
  • Mr. Patience: Don't look at the clock more than twice.

These achievements are divided by session. So there are some for the morning and different ones for the afternoon.

At the end of the day, there is a "grading page" to get feedback from their parents. Parents can use this to commend their children for how well they paid attention and how much they accomplished.

Example of assembly talk pages
Activities for Each Talk

Same as last year, each talk in the assembly program has 2 pages with a variety of activities for a variety of ages. 

When we take on a project like this we consider: "How will this activity affect kids’ attention? Could this puzzle be intuitively related to the subject? Is it easy to solve? Is this illustration in keeping with the theme of the talk?" We hope you will agree with our assessment.


"It was great for helping my kiddos follow along. It also allowed me to take more notes because the kids could follow along without needing my assistance." - Elecia (about last year's Kids Assembly Workbook)

Activities for all ages

We included a variety of activities.

Pre-teens will like the more challenging crosswords and “fill-in phrases,” which are a creative way to remember scriptures related to the talks. Even you parents may wish to complete your own copy!

Toddlers will more easily pay attention thanks to the colorful illustrations on every page. What better way to involve their heart! They will feel the excitement of finding how many times a word is repeated in “The Listening Game” or as they use their crayons or pencils to “make notes.”

We don't expect every child to finish every activity. The younger ones can focus on the simple activities, the older ones can focus on the slightly more challenging activities. If they don’t finish an activity during the assembly, they can use them as a review later on.

screen-free activities
Screen-free fun

We included extra 2-person activities for the lunch break, the trip home, or (if you're watching the assembly at home) while getting the program set up to stream. Rather than looking at the electronics, these pages encourage them to find a friend or sibling and do a simple activity.

Review and Application

Each talk features a "Time to Apply" box with a thoughtful question. This prompts kids to apply what they learned. Writing it down can help them set goals, and provides a great way to review the program at a later date.

Speaking of review: this year we added a special section for Family Worship. After the assembly, go back and review it together as a family! Don't let those notes go to waste.

2021/2022 Circuit Assembly Workbooks for Kids

Your Favorites

Many of the features in these "Exercise Faith" and "Strengthen Your Faith" workbooks have been featured in past workbooks. Here is what you, our valued customers, have enjoyed from past workbooks:

"The kids' convention notebook is awesome. Our son does all the activities while listening to the talks. It really helps him focus on the program and remember the main points." - Barbara

"My kids love the workbooks for the meetings and assemblies. It really helps them to pay attention and listen for keywords or scriptures. The books are well made with a great variety of activities. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!" - Leah (about last years Assembly Workbooks)

What about you? What is your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments.

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