Monday, November 29, 2021

3 New Kids' Workbooks Feature Stickers and Bible Memory Game

Kids' Meeting Workbooks are Back!

2022 Midweek Workbook for JW kids

2022 is almost here! It's time to refresh your notebooks and workbooks. Kids love to be involved and appreciate it when something's made just for them. Add colorful illustrations plus features to help them follow along and participate in the meetings, and you have a workbook that both kids and parents will love. Year after year, Ministry Ideaz puts together workbooks that meet those needs.

Years of Experience

Each year Ministry Ideaz releases workbooks for children. These JW kids meeting books are made by parents. And each year we look at ways to improve the workbooks. Last year saw a significant change to the way Ministry Ideaz designs the kids' activity books for the meetings. Since there were so many more features, the workbooks were split into 2 books - one for the midweek meeting and a separate one for the weekend meeting. A new workbook was added for Family Worship evenings.

"My kids love the workbooks for the meetings and assembly’s. It really helps them to pay attention and listen for key words or scriptures. The books are well made with a great variety of activities" - Leah

With these changes for 2021, each workbook improved dramatically! Now they were full-colored, full of fun illustrations, and had activities and features pre-made to encourage the child to follow along with the meeting. There were even prompts to help the child apply what they learn. But the improvements did not stop there. We continued to make improvements.

drawing pages and stickers

More Features and More Fun

Here at Ministry Ideaz, we value user feedback. Based on suggestions from parents, more improvements were made to the 2022 version of the Kids' Meeting Workbooks. Here are just some examples:

2022 Sunday Workbook for JW kids

  • larger comment section
  • a place to draw a comment
  • "scriptures" section in both the midweek and Sunday workbook
  • meeting workbooks have 8 extra removable pages for drawing
  • the "Listening game" now includes a space to add your own word
  • each workbook comes with 30+ stickers
  • the "My Family Worship" Workbook includes a Bible memory game

Bible Game and Stickers

Kids love stickers. We love stickers too. In the 2022 Kids' Workbooks, you will find over 30 different stickers per workbook! Since we know how much parents and children use stickers, Ministry Ideaz also has a pack of extra stickers. Get 8 sheets for over 100 stickers total - including stickers featured in the workbooks, and unique stickers only available in the extra pack.

For the "My Family Worship" workbook we added something special. Not only do you get 30+ stickers, but you will also find a Bible memory game. Play this game together with the kids: cut out a set of 28 cards, mix them up, and place them face-down on the table. Then, take turns flipping the cards, trying to find a pair. This memory game features various Bible characters!

Get ready for 2022

Whether you are looking for a kid-friendly meeting workbook or a notebook for yourself, Ministry Ideaz is a one-stop shop for your needs. Pair your notebook with a "Pioneer Patrick" pen for a fun way to make notes. Plan your schedule with the "My Life Book" - a feature-packed weekly agenda. (Read more about it in our previous blog post about the weekly agenda.) Whatever your needs Ministry Ideaz has been serving up solutions for over 15 years. Each year improving the selection as we go.

What is your favorite feature of the 2022 JW Kids' Meeting Workbooks? Let us know in the comments.

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