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Considerations For Your Next Service Bag

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Let Style Meet Functionality

Everyone is unique. We each have our own favorite foods, hobbies, and different styles. This variety makes life interesting and enjoyable! However, when shopping for service clothes or accessories, finding a balance between style and functionality can be a challenge. Maybe you were shopping for boots this winter and found a beautiful pair of brown leather boots, but they have high heels and very little traction on the soles. You love the color, the laces add a nice detail, and the price is right. But, you know the heel is going to be troublesome, especially when it gets icy.

What about your service bag? Finding a functional service bag is important. You want one that can hold your service supplies and suits you.

What to look for in functionality

Service bags come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different features - some are essential and some will depend on how you intend to use your case. In this section, we will discuss some important considerations when shopping for a service bag.


A selection of items that you might need

Your future bag's size is possibly one of the most important factors. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for a bag:

  1. What do I intend to carry?
  2. How much weight can I handle? [Remember: each item you add to your bag, adds to the weight.]
  3. Will my bag stay in the car? Or will I carry it door-to-door?
  4. Do I need to carry more than my service supplies? [ie. do you take the bus, need to carry a change of clothes, a water bottle, etc.]

Make a list of what items you want to hold in the bag to get a rough idea of the dimensions it should be. Find a bag that holds what you need, but that you won't over-pack. Consider whether you want a bag that holds everything or if you prefer a lightweight bag. (Sometimes these two things are not compatible.)


The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! You never know the excitement a couple of pockets can bring unless you know a sister who discovered pockets on a dress she just purchased. Just as useful as they are on clothes, pockets and compartments are essential for good organization.

Things that pockets can help you organize:

  1. Bible
  2. magazines
  3. tracts
  4. contact cards
  5. tablet
  6. phone
  7. wallet
  8. snack
  9. water bottle

Take a look at your list of items. When looking for your new service bag, consider whether it has the pockets you need. If it has one large compartment, consider if you need a magazine and tract holder to keep things organized.

The 'Traveling' Service Bag features a water bottle holder

More features & considerations

Some cases may have other features to consider. Depending on your use, some may be more valuable to you than others.

Features to consider:

  • hook or small pocket to hold your keys
  • cross-body strap, shoulder strap, or handheld
  • transparent pocket for tablet use
  • zipper closure or flap to protect your supplies from rain

Remember to be flexible. As much as we may try, a bag with every feature may not exist. Make a list of the features you need and the features you would like.

Finding Your Style

Embroidery in progress

Now that you have an idea of the functionality you need and a list of features you want, start looking for a bag that you like.

  • Do you want a neutral color? Or an exciting color?
  • Do you want a pattern? Or a solid color?
  • Do you prefer leather or fabric?

Final considerations

Finally, consider your budget and consider the quality. Price is not as simple as dollar signs. Often a high-quality product that lasts for a long time is more economical in the long run when compared with a cheaper mass-produced item that may need to be replaced in under a year.

Our Customer Favorites

Ministry Ideaz supplies a variety of service bags with different features and styles. Finding a suitable bag that fits your service supplies is easy when you shop our selection. All our service bags are handcrafted with high-quality materials. Here are just a few of the many service bags that Ministry Ideaz supplies.

The 'Service Ready' Tote in both the standard style and embroidered style

The 'Service Ready' Tablet Tote


  • Pockets for:
    • Tablet (transparent)
    • Magazines
    • Tracts
    • Phone
    • Contact card
  • Key clip
  • Crossbody strap
  • Lightweight for just the essentials
  • A large variety of designs:
    • Standard options with patterned fabric
    • Embroided options
  • Closure: flap
The 'Alexis' Portfolio

Alexis Leather Portfolio


  • Pockets for:
    • Magazines
    • Tracts (transparent display)
    • small books or other items
    • pens
    • small phone
  • small zipper pocket on the front
  • Opens flat like a portfolio
  • crossbody strap, and handles
  • Closure: zipper
The 'Traveling' Service Bag

Leather Traveling Service Bag


  • Pockets for:
    • magazines
    • pens
    • contact cards
    • cash
    • water bottle (easy access)
    • small phone
  • two medium pockets (Bible sized)
  • Large inner compartment
  • crossbody strap
  • Closure: flap
The 'Sophia' Bag

The Sophia Tote Bag


  • Large inner compartment
  • small pocket on the front
  • zipper pocket inside
  • crossbody strap and handle
  • available in neutral colors and bright colors

With a little effort, it's possible to find your new favorite service bag! Find a functional bag with all the features you need and match your style. The service bags available at Ministry Ideaz are ideal for the field ministry and congregation meetings. Each bag is designed by and crafted for Jehovah's Witnesses. Shop the whole selection on

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