Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Product Spotlight: Embossed Cover for New World Translation (2013 Edition)

Looking at the big picture, it really shouldn’t matter what condition your Bible is in. The important part is that you’re actually reading it. However, logistically speaking, the condition of your Bible has the ability to improve or hinder your worship. We’d all agree that you’d have to worry less about reading smudged or crumpled verses with a well-kept and protected book of scriptures. For a Bible cover that creates a physical sanctuary for the word of God, our beautiful Embossed Cover for New World Translation (2013 Edition) is a wonderful option.

This Bible cover is imprinted at the very front with bold font in a subtle, silver gradient print, and it fits the 2013 edition of the NWT of the Holy Scriptures with amazing ease. The all leather exterior ensures strong and sturdy care for your Bible cover, and the soft velvet interior provides a cozy nest for the pages that fill it. With this combined effort of protection, we can ensure your Bible’s absolute safety. Our embossed cover will keep your scriptures dry and clean, while also reducing the normal tendencies of your pages folding or crumpling due to daily use.

Other than the main purpose of providing protection, the NWT cover has many additional features that prove to be useful. It has two velvet ribbon bookmarks that delicately save your place or mark your favorite chapter - with careful attention not to crinkle or tear your pages. Also, making it perfect for Bible study, meetings or field service, two pockets outfit the front and back inside covers for stray notes or musings written down during these gatherings.

At Ministry Ideaz, we understand that every single person’s relationship with Jehovah is different, so we loved the idea of including options that allow you to customize your NWT Bible to suit your specific personality. For some, a zipper may equip your Bible with extra protection, while for others, it may just hinder you from opening it up fast enough. With this cover, you have the option of adding the zipper feature, and you can also choose one out of the 16 colors we offer. From pure white to rustic tan to dark burgundy, we have an extensive range of shades to choose from.
Other great features of our Embossed Cover include:
  • Impressive hand-made elements
  • Embossed Hebrew Tetragrammaton in a corner of the cover
  • Dimensions: 5.1” x 7.1” X 1.38” (13cm x 18cm x 3.5cm) in size
With this soft Bible cover, it makes it easy to take care of something you deeply care about. Make it a gift for a special person in your life or simply for yourself, and enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting relationship with the Word of God.

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