Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our New JW Tract Holder: Transparent Zipper Pouch for Invitation Work & Special Campaigns

There is a great new tool available for everyone engaged in the field that will easily keep your magazines and other paper items clean and organized. Cleverly designed to work with the Jehovah’s Witness supplies that you use in your ministry, these new transparent zipper pouches keep everything together in one handy place.

The transparent zipper pouch features large and small zippered compartments, a drop-in pocket and a small slot for JW.org cards. It lets you keep magazines, tracts and invitations at your fingertips in a compact and visually appealing form. The pouch is made of durable see-through vinyl with colorful fabric binding. The drop-in pocket and small zippered compartment on the front of the pouch are in matching fabric, which is available in Bible grey, charcoal, pink, lime green and many other popular colors.

The large zippered compartment is a Watchtower and Awake magazine pouch. It holds six to eight copies, and the clear vinyl allows them to be visible from either the front or the back. The front of the pouch has two slots, each sized to be a JW tract holder. The slots can carry several copies of a couple of different tracts. There is a half-page sized, drop-in pocket that is ideal for memorial invitations and a small zipper compartment to keep loose items corralled. The design is rounded off by a small pocket that is just right to hold the JW.org 'business'-style cards.

This convenient pouch is perfect for keeping your supplies clean, dry and fresh. The vinyl is easily wiped clean and is durable enough to last through the seasons without becoming cloudy or cracked. It allows you to carry a surprising amount of material easily and with a professional appearance. Although it works great as a grab-and-go organizer, you can also add it to a larger binder or drop it into a briefcase or purse.

As you carry out your ministry, you never know when an opportunity may present itself to witness to others. With the transparent zipper pouch, you will never have to scramble to put your hands on the right magazine, tract or card to give to another. Your materials will always be clean, unbent, unwrinkled and ready to support your message.


  1. Beautiful and Handy

  2. Thank you for having such nice products.

  3. I have tried everything to get mine to lay flat but it won't. It is unusable and will be trashed. It was a great idea but both of the ones I received were either sewn to tight or the plastic shrunk. A lot of money for the product that doesn't deliver. Sorry my brothers but I really don't like this product.

    1. So sorry Debbie, that you have received a defective Pouch. We will send a replacement to you right away. However, please contact us with your full name and more details so we know where to ship it to. Visit http://Support.MinistryIdeaz.com/ to send us a private message. Please don't post private details in the public Blog forum. Thanks! Looking forward to helping you out.